Brochures & Promo Honda Prelude SN Theme Song

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    There are not many cars that I'm aware of that have their own song. Back in the day Honda decided to have a song written for the launch of the Prelude, it was performed by Godiego and used to promote the car in Japan in various commercials

    I created a wee montage of pictures to go with the full length song.

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    I feel all summery and flowery :Laughing: As a designer, I love looking through 70/80s print design, there's some great photography there too.
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    good old 80's Music.. never seen that before !! was this an official track for Honda?
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    Pretty sure it was, if you search round You Tube you can see the original ads and this is played in the background. If you listen to the whole song they actually do sing the words "Honda Prelude"