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    Thought I'll make a thread of Honda related stuff I find around Internet and in real life. Why? I don't know maybe to document what exists? If there is already such a thread staff can maybe merge.
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    Honda Grom if I'm not mistaken. Looked pretty awesome and is actually really small.

    Something from the internet. Honda Classic display at Twin Ring Motegi, Japan.
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    The grom is one cheeky little bike which I would like to own and make it into a small cheeky MM93 replica like thi.

    Good call @legend-ary we all see rare Honda things everyday and members could just post them here,

    repsfrontright1a-8c04acfc. repsolrightrear1-974d5288.
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    Update: Spoke to the guy and he apparently got a good deal over the usual £2,900 on the Grom. He just got his 125 licence and chose this over the 'sporty' looking 125cc bikes as this is apparently quite a head turner .. :Grin: