Introductions HondaRBy - "an oldie", but still a true HONDA enthusiast.

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    Netherlands Roy Kessel
    Hey there!

    I'm Roy Brueren, born in the year 1974, a true HONDA fanatic/enthusiast, from a small town, somewhere in the south-east of The Netherlands.
    Ever since my first HONDA (a first gen. CR-X) I fell in love with the brand and immediately became a true fan.
    I have had some different HONDA's throughout the years:
    CR-X 1st Generation. (1.5 12V)
    CR-X 2nd Generation. (ED9)
    Civic HB Esi
    Civic VTEC EE9
    Civic EJ Sedan
    Accord CC7
    Accord CG9

    The last one is my current daily drive. She's not a beauty, but is technically in great nick and is a perfect daily.

    In the past I have been a member of the board of the CR-X Club Holland, nowadays I organise meetings (Like, am very active on Facebook for HCN (Honda Community Nederland) and Worldwide HONDA Enthusiasts. I am also a member of the Type-R Club BeNeLux.

    I hope with this you'll have a bit of a "picture" of the person you're dealing with, here....
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  2. Welcome to Honda Karma :welcome:

    Put your cars in our club garage, they will then underneath your signature. Look forward to hearing more about them.
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    Welcome to HK @HondaRBy :welcome:
    That's a good list of Hondas you've owned.
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    Hello and welcome to HK :garage:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma.

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    Welcome Roy, pleased to see another true Honda fanatic join up :Hey:
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    Welcome to the club
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    Netherlands Roy Kessel
    Just recently bought a Civic Aerodeck VTi from 1998, with just km's on the clock. It's a silver one, NH614M.
    Looking now for VTi-S trim for the back bumper and side skirts. Also looking for some nice 15 or 16 inch wheels (4x114,3). Preferably the Integra Type-R (lookalikes) wheels.... So let me know where I can find those or if someone knows where to get them, or is selling them ... Thanks !!