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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bo_, Thursday 19th May, 2016.

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    Yay honda! I'm not surprised. My uncle previously had a honda accord which he bought as a run around and intended to drive it till it dies. After 280k miles on the clock the car just didn't want to give up. He had to get rid of it because of space.
    Best engineered cars! Honoured to own 2 and many more to come.
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    Interesting to see Lexus so far down the table...:Laughing:

    More IS300h models on the road, aimed at the fleet market, built to a price and with an almost inevitable result.

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    It says 'due to extended warranty claims'
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    My Accord is really annoying. I want to buy a new car, but mine keeps running and running, not giving me a reason to buy anything (well, other than another Accord...) :Smile:
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    How about you give the car to me, then you'll have a reason to buy another :Tongue:
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    These surveys seem to differ so much from magazine to magazine. I read one just a few days ago that put our beloved Honda 18th??? But we know the truth really don't we?
    Well I've had my accord for 10years now and discounting service parts the only problem I have encountered with it has been the MICU problem recently(thank god for eBay).
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    Probably lack of parts increases service costs and that could be a reason for dropping from top spot

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    The survey is flawed and just an article to make up the day snumber.
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    I've had 4 Accords from new (2nd Generation 85-92, 5th Generation 96-99, 6th Generation 99-02 and my current 7th Generation 06-16).

    I've never had a breakdown. The 5th Generation Accord had a faulty suspension bush replaced under warranty and my current 6th Generation Accord a new brake master cylinder after 8 years replaced under Extended Warranty. Nothing else to report apart from that over 23 years.

    I'm having great difficulty finding a new car to replace my current 7th Generation Accord now 10 years old.
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    @John Dickson 8th Generation is up for sale... Probably one of the finest 2nd hand last gen Accord out there.
    - - - Updated - - -
    8th Genn Seeking a Good Home.... (Facelift Model - )

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    Mines 12 years old and I wouldn't change it for anything.
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    Only problems I've had over 10 years and 5 Accords were the dodgy speakers on the first of the 8th Gens and a duff clutch and CMC on my last one - all replaced without fuss under warranty of course.

    It seems it is the marketing and range development areas of Honda that are their biggest let-downs.
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    You must have been unlucky to have two fairly major problems (clutch & CMC) on your last Accord. I agree there are significant gaps in Honda's model range compared to Mazda and Toyota.