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    I can't keep it in any longer - I'm too excited for you. So I've decided I'm going to let you in now on something pretty cool that's happening in the next few days.

    It's still very hush-hush so I can't say too much at this stage or I'll get in trouble but I wanted you to know that the next Chris Knott prize draw is soon to be launched and it promises to be the best one yet!

    What I can tell you is that it will benefit anyone asking us to quote, between 1 March and 31 May, for a car we don't yet insure. If that's you you'll automatically be entered for the draw and this time there's more than one awesome prize.

    Look, I've got to shut up now or I'll say too much but make sure you ask us for a quote under our special club scheme during March, April or May if you're interested in finding a better quote for your car insurance and you'll gain entry to the draw.

    QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 (free for mobiles too) - please mention this forum.

    When I can say more, I'll fill you in on the prize details.


    PS. We can quote 30 days ahead so you may be able to benefit from the draw even if you're not due until the end of June (just get your quote before 31 May).

    In the meantime, here's some recent feedback about the scheme. We love hearing from you. If you've had a good experience we can pass it on to the team member/members involved to encourage them.

    "We have 2 cars insured with you and you've been great. We've just ordered 2 new ones for delivery in March so we'll be calling you again soon to see what you can do. Thanks again." scrounger, BabyBMW

    "They are brilliant. I know the company well and have used them for many years. Both my Golf V5 and Volvo are insured with them. I know Nick's word is good. Known him for many years and a true professional as his company. Give them a try. Loyalty bonuses help on renewal too." Matt, UK-MkIVs

    "Rang for a quote yesterday, spoke with Rebecca who was very friendly and very helpful, K&N induction kit declared and accepted on policy with a very good price. Took out policy and printed cover note and documents an hour later. Excellent service." sliderboy, CivInfo

    "£62 cheaper than my current insurer. Not bad, going to ring around and see what others offer, think it may be hard to beat though!" rob275, GT86 & BRZ Drivers Club

    "Just got yourselves another new customer!!! Came in £50 cheaper than Axa who were the cheapest of all others!" slackworth, Audi-Sport net

    "Just spoke to Kim, got me a great quote. Great service, an insurance company I recognize - not only cheap but really good cover too :Smile: Thanks!" sharkrider, Briskoda
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    My insurance is up for renewal this weekend so will give you guys a call tomorrow.
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    Wow @ChrisKnottIns Your quote bested all the others and I have now purchased a fully comp policy with you guys! Fantastic.. can't recommend you guys enough infact you should be getting a call from a friend of mine soon.
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    That's great @legend-ary. Thanks very much for your custom and for the recommendation. I can confirm that you've been entered for the above draw too. Good luck!

    If you get your mate to quote your name (and CK Ref) and the code 480 you can get £20 off your next renewal if he goes ahead with our quote.

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    United Kingdom quince Bromley
    My wife's insurers wanted an additional £126 on top of the £430 paid in November to switch from the 2.4 accord to the what should be 'cheaper to insure' 2.0 FR-V. I told them where to stick it and cancelled her policy. Called Chris Knott and they came back with £290 as a new policy. Now that's 3 policies in the family with Chris Knott
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    Haha I spoke too soon. They just refused to insure my friend because he parks his car 'on the road' at home. :Ermm:
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    Yes, off-road parking is a requirement on some of the higher risk UK postcodes I'm afraid.
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    I see. Fair enough. I got a great deal so im not complaining.:mosh:
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    @ChrisKnottIns What European trip cover is provided on your policies; is it Comprehensive cover, total number of days covered and max single trip duration?
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    With one provider we can give 90 days cover in any one year. Others are less I believe.