Accord In Need Of Some Assistance (Northants Area)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heckler, Monday 8th Feb, 2016.

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    Hi folks

    I'm in need of some assistance to install a couple of items in my Accord Tourer... Some things I can do and some I am hesitant to attempt unless I have a more knowledgeable person present to guide... or to fit their hands, bodies into spaces I can't get to.

    I suffer from a condition called spinal stenosis, which is an arthritic issue that leads to reduced blood flow to the spinal cord and compression of the nerve filaments spreading out from the spine.

    Some days it's ok and others it can lay me up... in the winter it's about 1 good day for every 13 bad ones and if I overdo things on the good day... I spend the next couple of days in bed. A couple of years ago I could have done all this myself, but I have limited movement and the cramped confines of a car footwell are no longer feasible for me... long gone are the days I could twist my body sideways and upside down to get in and underneath the dash to see/access some tiny fiddly little screw that you need to be double jointed to get at. :Smile:

    I can travel and I have a few tools, but not a great selection... I don't have a lot of cash, but I can afford something (auto electrician would cost far too much and I'm on a fixed income at the moment), or I can pay in some other form... like beer/wine. :Smile: Or I can maybe help out with something to do with IT/Computers as that's my area of expertise.

    So... here's what I need help with...
    So here's what i need help with....

    Grom Audio Kit with bluetooth dongle... I need to pull most of the centre console and remove DVD drive and stereo to fit this, as well as route mic some where up near the head liner/sun visor.

    Mini 806 Dashcam... need to hardwire this in and fix to the screen... and route wiring at the same time as the mic for the grom kit.

    I also need help to figure out why I have no rear washer jet working... pump appears to work fine, but I probably need to pull panels in the back to see if/where a blockage may be... but that's nothing urgent.

    I live in East Northants... close to Northampton, Peterborough, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Kettering and so forth could easily travel to some one in North Bucks, Beds, Northants and some of Cambridgeshire.

    If I can get those little jobs done... I can then save up some money to get the foglight sorted and a full service done.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    Something suggested to me was to put vinegar into the washer tank and run the pump on and off for a while as you drive to dissolve any buildup. Worked well. Other thought is if it isn't used often and the entire line is drained past the pump it can take a lot longer than you'd expect to work its way through all the tubing. Mine at least doesn't have a check valve in the system so it doesn't immediately work and I need to run the pump for 10 seconds or so to get it to dribble it probably has 6 yards of tube to push through.

    I'm not in the area so unfortunately I can't offer to lend a hand, hopefully you'll get a good outcome for your request for help.
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  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    I'm quite far from you but hopefully someone near you will volunteer. What do you say @Members ?
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  4. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

    United Kingdom Chester Northumberland
    I would always help a forum member but I'm too far UP north.
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    United Kingdom Guy Gloucester
    Would love to help but in the South West :-(
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  6. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    I do go down to Northants now a again to see family may nip by to assist you.I don't know when I will be in the area thou.
  7. Heckler... pm me mate. We can arrange something. Im a bit busy atm as I was starting a new job but decided to go back to my old one instead as its more fun so not sure on my immediate availability but we can sort something out.
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    Will do... I am totally flexible on place/time as I am unable to work at the moment and act as a carer for my disabled dad... well, my mum is his main carer and I help out 3 days a week., but that could be ANY 3 days.
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    Spain stu lanzarote
    Don't look at me lol. I'm sure some one will come through.
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  11. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
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  12. @SpeedyGee :Laughing:

    What can I say. Story of my life helping people. Try to leave and come back
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    I would have loved to come and help you even if I live all the way down in London but at the moment a bit tied up with my newborn so don't know when can I escape. I am no means equipped to do these tasks however I don't think this is something too complicated.

    I really hope you can find someone to help you but I will keep an eye on this thread.
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    United Kingdom Jim mytown
    100 mile round trip for me, I could make it if arrangements fall over with @Nighthawk

    Note that I'm hopeless at removing/replacing interior trim, otherwise competent on electrical/electronics and anything to do with spanners/torx etc
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    United Kingdom Josh Barnsley
    Great at taking things apart, putting things back together isn't my strong point Not to mention I'm all the way up in sunny Barnsley
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    I'm in Wakefield and it's raining...:Grin: As usual.

    A quick tip for the washers you will probably find that somewhere down the tube route there are non return valves they are little black things with a spring and a ball bearing in they stop the return of water once you switch them off.
    I have found in my HR-V that the springs rust and break so the ball bearing then goes both ways thus stopping the flow of water.
    Someone should be able to post a diagram of the washer system @Ichiban you got this. Then you can see if they are incorporated in the system and they are a sod to get to
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  18. @DeviateDefiant had the blocked one way valve on his Type-R. Pretty much what I am thinking it is
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    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    Strange that they incorporated them on some models and not on others, I was full sure it was the problem on the StepWGN but there are none to be found in drawings, part numbers or on inspection. I was thinking to put one in but it was suggested that if a non antifreeze mix (I'll point to the better half here) was used they could cause the tube to freeze and burst in the most inconvenient place one could imagine.

    Anyway sorry for straying off topic.
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    I'd love to help out, but sadly I'm well out of the way on the Welsh border. I'm not bad with the spanners, oil changes are easy. And usually as long as I have a guide to work from, I am not bad at interior trim. Though the last time that happened with a dash, most of it ended up on the back seat, just to change some bulbs.
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