General Info required for Accord 1999

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ubs1, Monday 2nd Jul, 2012.

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    This is my first post so be gentle :Smile:
    I have 1999 Honda Accord 2.0 for more than a year.

    I have few questions regarding.
    What is the average age of clutch, miles/years?
    Will changing the power steering oil soften the steering?

    I have heard a lot about generations of Honda Accord. Can anybody explain what does it mean and which generation my Acccord is?

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    hi bud and welcome to AOC .your accord is the 6th generation to your question about power steering fluid i don't think changing your fluid will effect it that much,im thinkin it could be to do with tyre pressures etc make sure they are all correct .as to clutch i should think a good 40k or a bit more.