Suspension, Steering and Brakes Interesting comments from garage...

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    So I had the FR-V booked in for the 4 wheel alignment and free break check and when I went to do it i got the impression the guy behind the counter didn't have a clue.

    Benefit of the doubt he could have been learning so I kept the booking.

    Took it in today and he had booked it in for tracking (1hr) not the 4hrs for alignment or the brake check.

    I was annoyed but for the sake of £30 I went ahead hoping they would take pitty and test the brakes.

    They didn't do the brakes as they have too much work but showed me something interesting...
    The entire front left suspension etc is all brand new.
    Strut, spring, hub, ball joints, lower arm and top mount. He also said that the subframe looks as if it's not lined up 100% but could be where they have rushed putting it back on. - even showed me a mark that could be a sign that the tyre has hit the inner arch - I'm going to double check this as I think both sides look the same tbh
    He did say if a lower ball joint failed it could cause the strut to collapses down .

    Is this true? Would hitting a curb cause all bits on one side to be replaced?

    I ask as I purchased this car to protect my son (9 months old)
    And concerned about any accident damage.

    There is no structural damage / signs of repair and every panel lines up with perfect colouring.
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    Hey @RobsyUK that sounds quite alarming to be honest.
    Hitting a kerb at speed will mangle all sorts of bits underneath a car. If the car was HPI clear than it could be that the damage was unrecorded and was repaired without making a claim which is not unusual.
    Did you ask them to check thoroughly to see everything is secure? I think new consumer protection law gives you 6 months or so but if you feel the car is dangerous and was mis-sold to you then I am pretty sure you can take it back to the dealer. Why don't you take it to a trusty garage and ask them to do a detailed inspection?
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    If it's been replaced with new parts what's the problem?

    I think it's a non-issue apart from the alignment (garage who repaired probably didn't have alignment facilities. Most don't).
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    Agree. I only said its alarming due to him saying the sub frame is not aligned. Could possibly point to a botched job, who knows.. as you say not every workshop has access to alignment facilities. As OP was concerned about safety of his baby, I think getting it inspected will give him peace of mind that all is well and there is nothing to worry about.
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    Does the subframe need to come off to do the above work or is the subframe above it all?

    If it's below I'll make sure it's fitted correctly when I get the lowering springs replaced.
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    *Update* well while putting the private plates on the car I've noticed 2 things.

    The dealership who put their plates on drilled straight into the boot rather then use the default holes! I've now had to treat the bare metal holes and put some grease based compound I used to use at work to stop water ingress
    But the plates are on and look the tits.

    I had another look under the car and there's a small mark on the inner wall - I assume the wheel came back and hit it at some point but the entire leg strut etc is brand new.

    Every bolt has red paint on probably to show weather the bolts are coming undone. - including the top strut ones.

    The bad news is the CV boot must have literally just split as there's spots of grease all on the alloy & boot.

    Wonder how much this will cost :Frown: