Listing Found It's got a Honda engine...

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    This made me chuckle. Looks a nice tidy car, but the 'Honda' on the engine definitely looks non-standard lol...:lol:

    Rover 600 2.3 623 T GSi 4dr
  2. Some of the old Rovers did use Honda engines. My old man used to have a Rover 216 - that had a Honda engine in it. That one looks like its a replacement one from a scrappy with the way they scribbled on it.

    The Rover will be reliable as sin mechanically wise, but will fall apart due to rust before it burns itself to a crisp with dodgy electronics, but at least the engine will still work :Laughing:
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    Yes it will have a Honda engine the only 600s that didn't are the 620ti and the diesel.
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    "Now a rare sight, this magnificent car is one of less than 250 left registered on UK roads"

    250 too many.
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    I know it had a Honda engine. I was referring to the picture of the engine bay...:Laughing:

    Harsh. Very harsh. Probably fair, but harsh...:lol:
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    Didn't know the factory stamped engines with tipex