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    I am going to see a 2001 Civic hatch which hasn't been started for over a month and has zero charge in the battery so will need jump starting. The normal regime I follow is:

    a. Connect +ve terminal of dead car with the donor car,
    b. Connect -ve terminal of donor car to engine block / -ve terminal of dead car
    c. Start donor car
    d. Leave it like that for 5-10 minutes so battery gets some juice
    e. Crank the dead car while cable is still connected and donor car given some beans.
    f. Disconnect -ve from both, disconnect +ve from both.

    Seems like there is something weird about Honda Civic's immobilizer which I need to be careful about. Found this post of CivicInfo which is for 2006+ Civics but I want to make sure if 7th Generation has same system. Can 7th Generation owners please advise if they have ever jump started their cars?

    'Hi All -
    Just thought i would post a story of the fiasco i've had this morning...
    To cut a long story short I was a div and left my lights on last night. Tried to jump start to car this morning, and the immobiliser light came on and stayed on - so although the car turned over, it wouldn't start.
    Cue the AA, towage to my local Honda dealer, and following a short conversation with the Mr Manat Honda, i became aware of a serious fault.
    If you connect the jump leads to the batterywith the key in the ignition, the immobiliser scrambles and shuts down, meaning that Mr Honda needs to plug his computer into the car to get it started again. Therefore the moral of the story is:
    ***Make sure your keys ARE NOT in the ignition before you connect your jump leads to the battery!!!!***
    Apparently Honda are aware of this, but have failed to inform anyone about it. Nice one!!!
    Computer IMPORTANT!!! Immobiliser Locks out when jump starting! - Civinfo
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    found some more info on this key in ignition problem. I think it only affects early 8th Generation (2006) Civics. Found a post by @Beefy on CivicInfo from 2010 ..

    'When the ignition keys are left in the ignition and jump leads are connected to the vehicle it causes an electrical disturbance (chattering) to the +B voltage, this disturbance causes a problem with the data within the EEPROM. The MICU sees the data problem and re-writes the whole EEPROM contents which also overwrites the key when you try to start the car the immobiliser does not recognise the key and prevents the engine from starting. The siren assembly may also receive the same electrical disturbance which damages the circuits causing it to malfunction. this applies to 06 Civics as the eeprom software was updated in 2007 to give better protection to the sirens electronics. however it is still possible to damage the siren post 2007 just less likely.'
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    Good advice,tnx,wondering if its the same for all Hondas?
    - - - Updated - - -
    Wondering if it's the same for all Hondas, if so many tnx,I for one won't make that mistake
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    I think that was specific to the 8th Generation Civics only.
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    I certainly hope so. Will make sure that I remember to remove the key from ignition anyhow.
  6. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    job done. plugged in without key in ignition, even though i knew it would make no difference, and the car started right up.
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