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    Looking forward to your project logs matey.
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    A bit of introduction first.

    I bought the Jazz to replace my Yaris (141,000 miles) that I had owned for 6 months. It had served me well and I did a few thousand trouble-free miles up and down the county. Since I live in London and pay ridiculous amount of insurance (2x the cost of Jazz or 6x the cost of my Yaris) I can't really do any modifications for foreseeable future. However, what I want to do is to fix what needs attention and do as much of it myself as I can as things are quite tight and most mechanics around here are unbelievably rude and expensive. There have been times where I felt like an invisible being standing in front of garages waiting for someone to have a look at my car but I guess they knew I am cheap with a banger Yairs (it wasnt bad at all) and wouldn't fall for 'entire exhaust needs replacing and I will only do it if you buy the part from me' even though all the car needed was a gasket between mid pipe and backbox. [rant over].

    On to the Jazz. I bought it 2 weeks ago from Bradford while I was visiting my cousin in Huddersfield :Grin: Its not perfect but I think its a great start.

    Car History:
    1.4 Jazz SE (2003 reg in 2004)
    2 Owners (Last one in 2011 with DOB 1936!)
    he bought it from Hepworth Honda Huddersfield
    Main dealer stamps until 2011 but afterwards serviced each from Naze Lane Garage, Preston.
    Gearbox rebuilt + clutch replaced in 2013 at a cost of £744 by Leeds Transmission Services

    Now for the best part. The mileage!
    2007 @7355 miles
    2008 @9568 miles
    2009 @12037 miles
    2010 @15635 miles
    2011 @17613 miles

    as you can see the original owner was doing round about 2500 miles a year. The car now shows 94,500 miles so the next owner (79 years of age) did an average of 15,000 miles a year! He drove it 76,000 miles between 2011 and 2015!! I think that pretty cool and I can only wonder what he was doing :Grin: Another curious observation: The rear tyres were replaced in 2014 and the owner paid £120 for a pair of Winter Tyres! Why would he do that? They are still on the car and have about 5mm of tread left.

    The car runs great and currently, over a total of around 400 mostly motorway miles at 65-70mph the trip computer shows an average of 52.9mpg! My 1.0 Yaris with its faulty O2 sensor used to do no better than 42mpg in city or on motorway so I find that pretty amazing. Earlier this week, I checked the airbag recall status and it turned out the front passenger airbag needs to be replaced. Booked it at my nearest dealer 'Lookers Honda Orpington' and went there yesterday. I chose to wait while they worked on the car and drooled all over the CTR. What a beast although I think on its own it looks pretty radical but parked next to a regular 2015 Civic it doesn't look too crazy which might be a good thing I guess.

    Things that require attention:

    a. Ball Joint: Lookers Honda Orpington did a complimentary visual health check and reported that the car needs a front left ball joint and since it is non removable from the suspension arm, all of it will need to be replaced at a cost of £350. *gulp* It was very nice of them to atleast identify it but I can't afford a £350 repair. So that got me thinking, has anyone got any ideas how difficult is this job? I can maybe order an original part and fix it myself. The suspension arm on Euro is £120 by itself :/
    b. Loud Humming: There is a very loud humming coming from somewhere that is related to road speed. Most notable at above 30mph and get progressively worse. Sometimes you can feel the vibration in floor too (im a bit OCD so it might just be me). I thought maybe its the stupid rear winter tyres as if I try and locate the sound, it looks like its coming from the rear. But surely winter tyres can't be THAT loud, can they? The dealership didn't note any noisy bearing in their inspection sheet so it has made me even more confused.
    c. Rattle: something rattles in the engine bay at slow speeds, like when you move off. I think its the heatshield so will have a look tomorrow.
    d. Service: The car only had a half dipstick worth of very dark engine oil so for now I topped it up with 10W40 but want to change it ASAP as I can't afford the car the go wrong.
    e. Missing Headrests: There are no rear headrests in the car. I think because to fold the seat completely flat, you had to remove them manually so most people took them off and lost them or something.. (GD1 issues, GE have self folding ones).
    f. Missing Badges: One of the 'Jazz' badge in door strip is missing so have to find that from somewhere. Also the 'iDSI' badge on the engine cover is MIA aswell.

    So yeah, plenty of not very exciting plans.
    *i wonder anyone will ever read all this* :Grin:
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Always good to have full history and know what has and hasn't been done on a car.

    I see you have plans to bring up to top notch condition, good on you ! Look forward to following along.
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    Quite a few of the regular members have/will. :Smile:

    That seems like an awful lot of miles for a 79 year old. :Aghast:
    My immediate thought was that he may have been 'fronting' for someone. :sherlock:
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    Yeah, never really thought I will say this but having the history gives so much insight into the life of the car and gives you ideas on what things might require attention in short/long run. We have a baby coming, so I will need to bring it upto spec in the next couple of months. I visit my cousins in Huddersfield quite often so reliability is top priority for me.

    I know, right? :Grin:
    The car does have a tow bar fitted [even though the service books has all the templates and stuff for the bar, I still think I should remove it] and the boot carpet / cover look quite used up, I think he might be a trader using it for something.. But the passenger area is super clean. I must say I still can't get over the fact that he knowingly paid more than £50 each for a set of new winter tyres for the rear rather than summer/all season ones.
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    Congratulations! Hope all goes well and that the little one arrives safely. :toy:
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    Thanks Nels. I want to make sure their first ride is in a Honda :Grin: Oh and I find it pretty amazing that my super long post is actually being read, unlike most of the other forums I have been on.:Hey:
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    A bit of an update.

    Jacked the back of the car up (in gear and with wheel chock) and released the handbrake so I could rotate the wheels by hand. Both rear wheels exhibit the same thing, tugging the wheel at 9-3 or 12-6 position there is no movement but when wheels are rotated both sound really rough. I believe this is where the humming noise coming from BUT! on completion of each turn, there is a like a small sharpish noise as well.

    Could it be brakes or is that definitely wheel bearings? Any particular method of differentiating between the two without taking the drum off?

    Unfortunately I can't afford Honda parts so will have to buy aftermarket. I hope you guys don't find this repulsive :Lipsrsealed: . Even on Euro the bearings are £97 each while on eBay its £60 for a pair. On their own it wouldn't have been too much but I need to do the whole service done ASAP and look to swap the 2 rear winter tyres with normal ones so everything combined it is a bit too much.
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    Whilst I generally recommend Honda parts, I will never criticise anyone for working within their budgets.
    I've had to do so in my younger days and I'm sure many others have too.

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    England Speedy Birmingham
    I can't remember anyone having to change their wheel bearings on AOC or HK, so I would hold off changing those yet until you are 100% that they need changing

    Change your tyres first.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Screenshot 2015-08-22 21.50.30.

    You're garage entry has had 841 views already so far :Smile:
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    Yay! :Smile:
    I know I can't do all of these in a day or a week so want to be smart about it and address issues in order of importance.

    there is no question I will change the tyres as soon as I can.. what i am thinking is, if the wheels are being rotated while off the ground and they still have this humming in them.. wouldn't it be wheel bearing or drum brakes? I will report back after swapping the tyres..

    regards to the views.. that is pretty incredible actually.. 841! you guys are awesome.
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    So an update. I have had a think and I have prioritized things in the order of how important it is for the life of the car.

    1. Service 2. Wheel Bearings 3. Ball Joint 4. Tyre Swap

    Pulled out air filter and cabin filter and they were filthy. By the service record the last service was @74435 miles on 4.09.2014. The car has now done 94,500 miles and its only August! :shock: So even if car had a service, everything is now 20,000 miles old...

    There seems to be a very misting of oil at the bottom of the gearbox which a bit of research other forums seems to be coming from some crush washer in the bell housing. Since my car had its gearbox repaired for the noisy bearings issue + had its clutch replaced in 2013 I suppose it will be too costly for me to get that fixed so I might leave it like this :/ Is there a way of checking gearbox oil level? Service books says it can be checked for CVT but no mention for manual gearbox. Any suggestions?

    I wish I could do all these things myself but have never done a service on a car so all this is going to cost me..

    Hepworth Honda are selling a major service kit on eBay for £120 + £10 delivery which I would have bought if I didn't have to pay someone to do it so just building a kit myself. In the forums you guys recommend 0W-30 but Jazz manual lists 5W-30 as well. Currently Castrol 5W-30 C3 Fully Synthetic is going for £23 on eBay.. What do you guys reckon?
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    28.08.2015 - While I am waiting for the next pay.. was wondering what to do about the blocky protection strips that have surrounded my car.. I see the usefulness of the door ones but bumper ones are horrible and have gone grey. Thought about removing them somehow but then thought.. what if I get them painted in body coloured? Did a quick 'shop .. what do you guys think?
    88194_IMG-20150809-WA0007. $_57a.
    Ideally would want painted headlights like the Jazz Sports [see yellow attachment] but oh well..
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    Post #15 tided up for you, as requested. :Hey:
    You'll be able to do this yourself in a short while. Until then, just tag one of the Staff.
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    While I wait, decided to give Katto a good clean inside and out (see pic 1 for before condition of rear passenger door handle while pic 2 is after the cleanup). Progress was hindered by rain but eventually I managed to get it all done.
    2015-08-29 15.41.54. 2015-08-30 10.23.02. 2015-08-30 11.13.39. 2015-08-31 16.50.46. 2015-08-31 16.51.07.

    2015-08-30 11.12.25.
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    Great work there. :GoodJob:

    I've taken the liberty of changing one of your pictures to full size. I think it shows what can be acieved when you try.
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    Thanks @Nels
    Glad to hear that you found it worthy of full size :Happy:.

    Was after some used good condition genuine mats off eBay but couldn't find any retainer clamps for the driver's side anywhere. Not even on eBay. I have had a scare when I bought genuine (used) mats for my Yaris which had holes for the clip but car didn't have any and one day when I started the car, the car instantly hit the rev limiter as the throttle got stuck! Thankfully I have read so much about Toyota's unintended recall to instantly recognize the issue and pulled the mat back.. Anyways, lesson learnt and decided never going to put any thick carpet mats in my car without the holding hooks EVER!

    this is what I was looking for: