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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Biggie, Sunday 25th Oct, 2015.

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    HELP My 06 Honda Accord 2.4EX is not working anymore . I got in car Sat morning turned the key car started but no music , the controls don't work on steering wheel for stereo either .The sat nav works and shows up on screen but stereo is dead and there is no display in the small screen on top the dash which should show channel ,cd track , temp , time. can't even eject cds
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    Hello and welcome to HK Biggie.
    I am sure some of the more knowledgeable members here will be able to guide you but let me just ask the obvious question.. have you checked the fuses? I don't know if stereo is separate to satnav but by the sounds (pardon the pun) of it.. your stereo is not working. :Smile:
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    That's odd, not hear of that before.

    Can you select different audio sources like Radio/CD etc from the buttons on the head unit ?

    Does all that work but no sound or do none of the audio control menus work ?

    What happens when you click on the Audio menu ?
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    Hello thanks for the welcome Legend-ary . At the time of sending out my cry for help i had not found the interior fuse box . i had a look Sunday morning and found it , on checking the fuses the interior light one had blown , only used the car in the day so didnt know light wasnt working . So put new 10amp fuse in ,light worked / stereo worked , HAPPY DAYS . To anyone that reads this remember interior light and stereo use same fuse , it doesent say that in hand book . P.S Thanks to anyone who answerd my call for help .
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    Yay! glad to hear that it is fixed. :Thumbup: