Pre-Purchase Legend advice from the gurus please

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    Hello chaps, recommended to come her from PH and what a nice forum it seems to be. My Honda association isnt that deep but its memorable MHF 220R SS50 burnt a deep Honda memory in my cortex as did a CB100N whos reg escapes me it was 35 years ago !!!

    So I find myself desiring a Legend and I have a question on a prospective purchase

    Standard 2008 on 91k miles no cooled seats, no radar cruise or LKS, no big wheel option - bog standard but very nice and well priced.

    So whats the problem? well after 2008 its service history is bookless its a sheet of A4 with roughly 10k oil and filter changes recorded but no depth to this HOWEVER 3 months ago the chap who has had it a year paid £1k yes £1k for a main dealer service, drop links, AC refresh and belts.

    So what are my concerns ? well the gearbox and diff oil changes won't have been done but it drives ok, why didnt the dealer do this on 90k ? I asked but data prevention forbids telling me.

    In short - its cheap at £5.4k its in decent nick but first and last services aside it has no documented history.

    Oh and I checked the bonnet its not been triggered.
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    What is the reason for sale? I know he's not gonna tell you if it's about to explode...

    The Americans are famous for neglecting maintenance, yet the Acura RL has a pretty bullet-proof reputation. The propshaft bearing whines at big mileages, but there should be no (absolutely none) extraneous noises. It's not a big job to do the fluids, as long as you put the right stuff in all the right chambers. But I suppose that's a couple of hundred tatty rags.

    There's one on PH ATM for under a bag more at Evans Halshaw - with the 18".

    I'd consider that one, if you have doubts.
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    Is 90k a big mileage ? he is genuinely selling it for a reason, you wouldn't pay £1k for a service if it was borked but his dream car came up. its "not" that expensive and I could cope with £1k of bork and its only a machine polish away from being pretty tidy!
    Would the diffs die if no oil change in 90k is what I guess I need to know
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    Sorry - I meant to say the cam belt is £350+ and most on sale need it / its late etc
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    Dave head over to the Guide and DIy section and look in the legend section you will have your maintenance schedule.
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    90K is nothing for the US, but our road conditions wreck cars. They think 400K is a big mileage on a Honda.

    Not changing the oil means the tranny & three rear clutch packs will be full of clutch dust and not very lubricating, so there is a risk of increased wear.

    Also, the hypoids in the transfer case and diff 'shear' oil molecules into bite-sized pieces and ought not to be neglected in any car.

    These parts are colossally expensive, unless you can find a car at a breaker - rare. They're heavy, so one from the US might cost a lot in shipping.

    So it's not entirely without risk, but then, a lot of modern auto trannies are 'lubed for life' (usually why they fail prematurely!) so it's impossible to be sure.
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    The car drove well, but the plan now is to see if Honda UK have any services recorded for the car at main dealers, I'll do this tomorrow. It's not worth the risk having a car with 90k miles that's missed several diff oil changes and is £££ for the parts.
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    BTW, the maintenance guide fails to mention transfer case, and recommends ATF-Z1 in the diffs. Best recommendation is Acura DSPF from the states for the rear end.

    You're not far over on the tranny; it's just the other bits which would concern me slightly.
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    I know the schedule I saw the guide section earlier in the week but didn't expect it to have missed 2-3 gearbox changes - cheers
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    Chaps it seems that even the dealers are confused about diff oil changes citing the gearbox change at 75k as the diff change - er its not! I have reservations regarding any Legend having the diff done to schedule even if serviced at the main dealer - how incredibly sad!
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    That's why I did mine early, when I bought the car.

    Fortunately, Leg Ends are pretty tough - anyone heard of a SH-AWD failure? I've known many S2000s eat their diff - and I suspect it's for EXACTLY the same reason...