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  1. Mark Higgins, for those that don't know, is a UK professional rally driver. Saw this a while ago, absolutely love this save. The co driver has got manly bits made of steel I think - he didnt even blink. Superb car control

    If you have a spare 20 mins, watch this one too. Fantastic road control.

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    O I know about him :Smile: This year they are going for lap record of the Isle once again in a fully prepped STI but yeah the first video had a proper code brown moment
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    Code Brown. LOL ! Is there no emoji for code brown ? :Ohdear:
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    :Wink: haha yeah I think we don't ... we need a code brown emoji!!
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    Urban Dictionary describes it perfectly!

    Medical lingo spoken by EMS and emergency room personnel to denote a patient who is incontinent of feces. Used in the presence of family or other persons who don't want to hear, "He's shat himself."
    "Glove up before you unwrap this chud, he's code brown.
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