General Massive recall, Legend not affected?

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    Recalls and Updates – Owners – Motorcycles – Honda

    use the above link to input your VIN number and it will tell you if your car is affected or not. I checked mine in August when I bought my Jazz and my passenger side was affected.

    ps. I know the link says Motorcycles but it is actually for all vehicles
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    Yeah, that's what I've done, but nothing is coming up as of now, which I think is suspicious.
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    that means it is unaffected. Nothing to worry about.
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    Well, it's a fresh case, they're still adding new vehicles as we speak. I think it should be recalled because there was no reason to put something else than Takata's airbags.
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    Ahhhh, yeah. So now we have 2 problems to worry about :Wink:
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    This is quite worrying
    Put my VIN in on - Recalls and Updates – Owners – Motorcycles – Honda
    But nothing coming up
    also nothing on VOSA site. - DVSA - Vehicle Recalls

    Massive Takata Airbag Recall: Everything You Need to Know – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

    UPDATE 2/4/2016, 8:30 a.m.:Honda has officially issued recalls for Takata-supplied “PSDI-5″ driver’s-side airbags on 2.23 million vehicles. The Honda-branded vehicles are: 2007–2011 CR-V, 2007–2014 Ridgeline, 2009–2014 Fit, 2010–2014 FCX Clarity, 2010–2014 Insight, 2011–2015 CR-Z. Acura vehicles affected by this recall are: 2005–2012 RL, 2007–2016 RDX (early production MY2016 vehicles only), 2009–2014 TL, 2010–2013 ZDX, 2013–2016 ILX (early production MY2016 vehicles only). These vehicles have been added to our list below. According to Honda, “Due to the large volume of new inflators needed to repair vehicles, the necessary replacement parts will not become available until Summer 2016.”
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    Must admit this needs checking out properly
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    Finland Henri Pälkäne
    Same here in Finland, nothing coming up if i search recalls by VIN# also those old recalls are missing, master brake cylinder and power steering hose. Maybe Legends are better build than RL`s :Smile:
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    @admins maybe we should move this topic to a more general place since the issue includes other models as well? I don't think our models are better built than models from other countries since they all come from the same factory. Some things are different due to different regulations but I don't think airbags are. Does someone fancy taking steering wheel off and grabbing a photo of an airbag to confirm? :Grin:
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    Honda take recalls very seriously. If your VIN isn't coming back with match for a recall that should be good enough indication that you don't have anything to worry about.
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    Mine shows nothing.
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    United Kingdom Mark Sims Stoke on Trent
    Mine isn't a valid VIN. Does the link include imports?
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    You have to register imports with Honda UK via a dealer.
    I had to do it a couple of times with the Civic and S2000, as I bought them in Belgium.
    Given the penny numbers of KB1s sold here, I should imagine it's a low-priority for HUK.
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    PS - is it sad that I know my S2000's VIN? I've had it 14 years...

    No ISIS airbags in that, either, apparently.
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    Hello Gents,
    Thanks for this information. My KB1 neither my HR-V are part of this recall, have to check anyway with my Honda dealer.
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    PSML at your user name - brilliant! Torque vectoring - follow the force...

    The sheer size of this recall (Takata may well go bust) is wrecking Honda's future model plans as apparently ~80% of their cars used Takata air bags. Nothing in Europe, but that's a huge number worldwide. The money has to come from somewhere.
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    I think we're all being right mithering twats; the clue is, one's got an H on it and the other a freaking A:


    Doesn't follow they were both made by Takata.

    Mind you, Continental airbags either go off, or fail to, so they're not necessarily any better.