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  1. Happened upon this last night. Chap takes a turbo charged MX5 and decides it isnt fast enough so slaps a 525 BHP V8 Corvette engine into it. The level of fabrication is brilliant and this thing sounds absolutely amazing. The burble of that V8 chugging away is fantastic. Give it a watch if you like fabrications etc. The engine looks fantastic in the bay - car took him 9 months to build. He tries to be funny in it but sort of fails in my opinion

    Anyway - first episode here - I did a marathon run from 1 - 10 last night.

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    Watched the first episode, looks interesting, will watch the rest when I get some time.
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    if there was a Honda V6 in under the bonnet I would be interested and watch all the episodes, but CBA for non Honda related chassis transplants .. but that is just me it must be good workmanship and build but no interest in it.
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    Great work being put into it but can't help but feel its a bit pointless and defeats the purpose of the MX5 which is a 5050 balanced lightweight,chassis. Having a big stonking heavy old American V8 is going to make it one top end heavy car.
  5. Yeah, you would have thought that. In the very last episode he takes it through a variety of tests, one of which is weighing it to establish if the distribution has been lost. He gets it to within 1.1% officially distrubution of the OEM setup, in fact, its slightly on the better side with the weight being closer than spec. Apparently, it doesnt affect it all. The 0-60 times of 4 secs is nice though as is that incredible sound of that V8 soundtrack. Love the sound of V8s
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    Sweet! Been looking at a 1UZ swap into a Mazda chassis with a 350Z transmission and Ford diff. Would love a J series though, someone needs to make adapters for a CD009 to J series, twin turbo J with a 1000+ WHP capable trans on the back. Yes please.