Body, Paint & Styling New bumpers following a little bump at a car park

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    So last week my colleague's wife have bumped into my car when turning around at the company's car park. It was dark and she didn't see my car when reversing ...

    Got a small dent in the rear wing, but no scratches, which I'm getting fixed soon.

    The guy has agreed to pay for the wing repair and new bumper out of his pocket, rather than involving insurance. So, since I've now had the car for a while, the finance is paid off, and it's worth a lot lot less than I imagined, I thought I will keep it until the end of its days, but do some minor modifications. I know it's a diesel and all, but just want to refresh it a bit, and make it look bit more as I'd like to.

    So I want to replace the rear bumper (since it's damaged), front one (damaged as well by a bike rider and his failed attempt to filter traffic at red lights) with maybe this:
    Honda Accord 2002 - 2006 full body kit (1179)
    although I am sure there are more kits out there, but not looking into spending too much.

    The only problem with those kits I believe is that they need to be sprayed. Does anyone know a rough estimate for spraying the kit in matching colour if they'd done it? And how likely is it to be 'off' from the rest of the car? Obviously the paint has been on the car for 7 years so it might have faded a bit.

    I'll then look at options to lower the ride a bit, but not having it to stiff. The suspension is quite hard as it is now, having done 160k miles.
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    A bonnet costs about £200, so that kit of 4 pieces probably £300 - £400 approx.

    You could get a pro detailer to machine polish the car to bring some life back into the paint, so it matches better.
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    Get the kit sprayed then spend an day at the weekend changing it over yourself. The bumpers and side skirts are all held on by screws and clips. They're surprisingly easy to take off, there's some good clips on youtube to explain it all.
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    Thanks. That's the plan. I'll get some help with fitting it as well so we'll do it over the weekend. Now just need to decide on a kit, order and get it sprayed. :Niceone: