Official Honda New Civic Type-R Prototype breaks cover in Paris

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    New Civic Type-R Prototype unveiled at 2016 Mondial de L’Automobile in Paris

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    The new Honda Civic Type-R Prototype has been revealed at the 2016 Mondial de L'Automobile in Paris, offering an insight into the styling of the next-generation Civic Type-R which will be officially unveiled in 2017.

    Source: Honda World News
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    IMG_6392.JPG IMG_6393.JPG IMG_6395.JPG IMG_6396.JPG IMG_6397.JPG IMG_6398.JPG :nodding::nodding::nodding::nodding::nodding:
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    Love the matt black colour that should be an option for sure. But don't know if I like this CTR over the current FK2 which in my eyes is a better looking car.

    It looks too American it not a look we appreciate, it will sell in the US like hot cakes.