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    Hello boys and girls, I have a massive dilemma and I hope you can help. I currently have a volvo s40 2.0d, 2005. She's at the age and milage where she's going to need money throwing at her. I wanted to upgrade so I found 2 Civics I liked.

    1/ 2007 1.8 Type-S petrol, 70k on the clock.
    2/ 2008 2.2 derv 90k on the clock.

    They are both in black, twin pipes at the back, Type-S has the kit and 3 door where as the derv is 5 door standard. But out off the 2 is better in your experience and opinions?

    I have only drove the Type-S and found it under powered apart from that lovely condition and Shiney. Missus liked it and so did the kids. So I thought OK I'll take it I put £100 deposit on it and did the paperwork. I pick it up Tuesday, but I now have this horrible feeling iv made a massive mistake more so since I just floored my volvo down the road and felt her power again. I know iv probably jumped in feet first but this is the first car iv bought from a dealer and I was panicked. If iv made the wrong decision and I can get out of it I will. If the Tyre s are good and I can mod it for extra power then I'll stick with.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I nervously await your responses.

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    The R18 engined Civics aren't so quick, they are more meant for a family run around. The diesels you can get mapped, so it sounds like that maybe a better option for yourself.
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    Thank you for your reply speedy. Now I need to look at getting out of this sale.
  4. There are certain people on here who will moan about getting a diesel but at the end of the day, its what you are happy with. My Accord I have had for over 5 years now and I still love the girl and its CTDi engine has never put a step wrong - ever, not once, in any way, shape or form.

    Good luck with getting out of the sale, are the cars at the same garage? If so, maybe just ask them to transfer the deposit from one car to another, that way they arent losing a sale
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    The petrol will be more reliable than the diesel however the diesel will do the mileage if you look after it my I-CTDI is almost on 190k miles now and to be honest hasn't missed a beat!
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  6. I must be honest and say that I don't mind thrashing the missus Civic around a bit, whereas I don't really thrash the Accord around. I guess its cause I never grew up with diesels and learnt my way around petrols. On saying that however, even when thrashing the Civic around, it still doesnt meet the pull of the Accord. The ony place it outperforms the Accord is on corners.
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    They are at different garages. Iv just been down and she has had a deep Polish and WOW it looks stunning, so I looked at the other one on the website via my phone and thought naaaa so I'm sticking with the petrol. Iv only done 3600 miles In my volvo since last August(MOT).

    I appreciate you all for your replies and hope to have fun as part of the forum.
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    If you've doing such a low annual mileage then you will be better off with petrol IF the 2008 diesel Civic has a DPF filter.

    The DPF will need regular longer runs to keep it fit with no issues - have a look around the forum, plenty of threads on the subject.

    I had a fantastic Accord diesel, but with a change of job and lower mileage I went for a petrol CR-V to replace it.

    It doesn't have the "shove" that the I-DTEC had, but it is much quieter as an engine, with fuel about 5p a litre less, and purchase price new quite a bit less, too.
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    Welcome to HK @Nony8 :Hey:

    Not much I can add to what has already been said.
    How did you get on in the end?
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