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    I have been reading some worrying thread regarding the VSA warning light faults. I have had my Accord for 5 years with very few problems other than usual servicing etc.

    Last week the VSA warning light has come up, following a fault diagnostic check I am told the brake pressure censor has failed. The cost to replace the VSA modulator is 1700.00 ouch!!!

    I asked around and apparently there is a company who will test and repair the fault for 165.00 + VAT offering a lifetime guarantee. Has anyone had the same issue and had it repaired???
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    Others will know more but I think if the ABS sensor fails (if that's the same thing as the brake pressure sensor) this can be mistaken for failure of the VSA unit when in fact replacing the brake sensor will solve the problem.
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    Hi and welcome to the club!

    When you had the diagnostics performed, did they give you the error code that they read off? This could well pinpoint the defective sensor. Finding it out and adding it to your post would be very helpful.

    It's hard to tell from your post whether it is a sensor internal to the VSA unit, or one of the wheel sensors... not sure about the former, but the latter are widely available, e.g. ABS Sensor | ABS Sensors For Any Car | Car ABS Sensors (for a 2005 diesel, because that's what I have). However, don't but one from ECP without first getting a discount code for at least 25% off (these are frequently offered, I probably have an email from them with the current discount). Some buy from US suppliers, but this would need to be for a Honda TSX, not a US Accord (but carefully check that the part matches!). I seem to recall that there are different VSA systems for petrol and diesel-engined cars.
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    Petrol VSA's have no issues it's just the diesel VSA's because they're built by Bosch. You need to get the error code that caused the VSA light to come on. As said it may well be a faulty sensor causing the light. But if the code is 66-1 then the VSA module has an internal sensor failure which will require a new one.

    I have heard of a couple of people who have had their units repaired for around £200 with a lifetime guarantee which is a fair price. They have been problem free since being repaired.
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    Thanks Folks

    Not sure on the fault code will check and keep you posted. Glad i joined the AOC already good to have people in the know.

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    I just don't believe 66-1 anymore just keep on removing them until they refuse to drop off.
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    I had 66-1 code on my old diesel Accord.
    CJ deleted it and never came back.
  8. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Zoran, if it ever rears its ugly head up again, let me know I can clear it for you :Wink:
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    Thanks bud,that is very kind offer.
    I left dark diesel side and drive 2.4 now.
    No issue on petrol models hopefully.
  10. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I've actually had it appear on a 7th Generation petrol. Not seen it again though after clearing it with HDS.