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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Cool looking footlights fella.
  3. Thank you Ichiban, its a pity the camera shows them so bright because in reality, they are really subtle and give a really gently glow in the dark when the doors are opened or key taken out etc.

    Anyway, new pictures added
  4. So, alloys picked up. Car doesnt go on many long trips so after around 100 miles, she just woke up. Struggled keeping her the right side of the national speed limit as she just wanted to go. Reminded me of my 18 month old labby, kept pulling at the reins just wanting to go faster.

    Anyway, started to clean one of the alloys this morning. Upon closer inspection on all of the tyres, there is not a single bit of damage to the actual alloy. There is a bit of paint off the edges of some of them as shown below, but no actual damage. I am really surprised.









    Did have to get a bit drastic with some of the baked on dust and resort to a bit of wet and dry sandpaper. Guess I need to seal the inside of the wheel now.
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  5. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    That's come up nice and clean. Looks to be in pretty pristine condition.

    Just use a paint sealant on them back and front.
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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    IMHO, this design of this alloy makes it easier to clean, not just the front surface, but the back too. If you clean every last surface you can reach, every time you wash the car, then they will stay pristine. You've done the hard work, so it's easy from now on.
    Most cars have dirty alloys. I doubt they've been touched for years. Some have the fronts wiped over, but only the true car lover does the full job.
    Or is that just me and my OCD. :Whistle::crazyeyes:
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  7. Ummm, too late, taken it to the next step already

  8. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    That's exactly what I did to my Epsilons. Paint, lacquer, seal, waxed and a doddle to keep clean now. :OTT:
  9. Yup, I figured, no tyres on them, now is the perfect chance to do such things. Wanted to finish them today but gotta head out and help a family member whose brakes have siezed up on them. Remember that Volvo S60 from my VSA........ lol. I will use my ever so reliable Japanese "tin can" as they call it, to go and rescue them and fix their swedish malfunctioning car :Grin:

    Tomorrow is another day I guess before I have to go back to work in a few weeks.
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    Good call on getting them all sealed corrected, you really seem to have found a good set. I can't remember if you already said, but do you have tyres ready to go on?
  11. No, no tyres, I was offered a set of Kanook but I don't like second hand tyres. No idea what their history/how they've been treated are. They may have been treated like my neighbour treats her car tyres, hitting the pavement everytime she drives up the road. How they havent popped yet is beyond me. Il get some new bridgestones, dunlops or goodyear next month.
  12. Early morning fingers there - I meant Hankook Tyres.
  13. Inside of all the alloys now finished - there are no dents whatsoever on the face of any of these alloys but there are areas where the paint has been chipped so I will probably end up fixing the face of the alloys before I stick tyres on them. Havent refurbed alloys in quite a few years, so a bit nervous about it. Will use some proper 2k lacquer on the faces to seal them nicely and for a proper OEM look shine - hopefully.






    Manufacturer date I assume? They are only 2.5 yrs old?? All four of them have the same date and time within two minutes.

    Overall, the rears arent perfect, but they are pretty near there. Just need to wait a few days for the lacquer to finish properly setting and then I will cut it a bit, seal it, wax and polish and then start on the front.
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  14. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Fair play on having a go yourself at refurbishing your alloys.
    Like bodywork, it's all about good prep work, so make sure surfaces are proper smooth before you start painting.
    Sounds like you've done it before anyway so be straight forward. It is rather time consuming though
  15. Thanks speedy,

    I am going to completely respray the alloys face anyway. Just debating whether I should keep the current basic silver or try one of the other Honda silver alloy paints.

    Anyone know the difference between Blaze silver and Storm Silver. Trying to find some pictures so I get the idea of the type of silver but no luck yet.

    What do you guys think will be best against a black car?
  16. Right, went for original silver.

    Here are some pics of one of the alloys, the one which I originally posted above with the bad paint peeling on the outside. This has not been lacquered yet. I was just getting into it when mother nature decided that she wanted to empty her bath water so I had to rush everything and put it away. don't want to spray inside the garage as I will get moaned at by the other half.

    Anyway, parcel arrived this morning from Wheel Paints
    They provide paint to wheel refurb companies etc, and match the paint as per Honda alloy wheels. As none of the alloys have actual metal damage but do all have stone chips and scratches, and flaky paint on the edges, I decided that I was going to paint the entire face surface. I have not done a DIY, but if it is wanted, I will do one.

    Parcel arrives - love the packaging seeing that its not really delicate stuff.



    I already had sandpaper etc, so I didnt order any

    I got some tack cloths, pre clean to prepare the wheels, 2 400ml cans of original Honda alloy base coat and a can of 2K clear laquer. 2K is a much higher quality and must be used wearing a mask, even outside. 2K is the same quality that is used on body panels by professionals and whilst is harder to apply than normal 1K lacquer (halfords kinda quality), it is far more durable and can be polished up nicely. It also takes significantly longer to dry as well than 1K. The 2K in the can is useless after around 2 hours after it is opened so you need to prep all the wheels, base coat them, get them ready for lacquer and do all of them at the same time, without interuptions, all finished within 2 hours or so. After that, throw the 2K can away cause it starts hardening inside itself.


    This is taken of one of the wheels which has had its metal parts primed, rubbed down completely with 600 grit wet and dry, pre cleaned, tack clothed and almost ready to be painted. Unfortunately, mother nature stuck her nose in so this wheel didnt happen.


    Anyway, the one wheel which did get its base coat only looks like this, it still needs a couple more but had to stop due to the aforementioned mother nature.




    After it was touch dry, I put the centre cap in just to show the colour match. Bear in mind, I did not provide that company with a colour code (no idea where to get it for alloys), and they just provided paint as per Honda specs for their vehicles. Obviously, the centre cap is lacquered, but still, I think you can see the colour match is just absolutely perfect


    Tomorrow is supposed to be horrific weather, so hopefully I will be able to finish it on Sunday.

    If anyone wants a DIY, let me know now before I finish rubbing the primer off the other alloys and prepping them for paint.
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  17. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    That looks superb @Nighthawk very professional looking finish :clap:

    Do a DIY mate, lots of people would want to see it :Niceone:
  18. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    They look absolutely stunning @Nighthawk, fantastic job and good call on using proper 2K lacquer. Can't wait to see the end results once they're sealed/waxed/polished.
  19. Thanks everyone, just another quick little update. Managed to get all the alloys base coated today seeing that the weather was quite nice before getting distracted into doing some garden work.

    Missed some small chips on that first alloy I had already put base coat on, so some of it was sanded back again, little chips sorted and repainted.

    I will do a DIY after they are all finished so won't go into detail here but the amount of priming, rubbing down, priming again, rubbing down further I have done is enough to make any person living in Soho jealous.


    Rubbed down and ready to go.



    Part of the first alloy re-rubbed back down and primed (after that pic)




    All with their base coats on, drying nicely in the sun. I will lacquer them tomorrow, in the garage if necessary as the missus will be at work so what she doesnt know.... etc etc


    Incidentally, the fella I got these alloys from put these on instead


    ...which look like this

    Calibre Friction Black Blue 17" Alloy Wheels - Wheelbase

    I saw his car, a silver 06 plate 2.4 , I thought they looked horrific personally but everyone to their own.