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    Wales Andy wrexham
    Hey guys and Gals. The name is Andy but people now me as Drew.
    I have owned Hondas for 12+ years, my baby being a Milano Red ATR of which i have owned for 9 years and my curent daily car a CL9 Type-S also in Red or Pink in its current form HA HA HA.

    Not been on fourms for a while but i thought i would start again.

    So here i am....
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    Hello @Drewballs22 and welcome to HondaKarma..
    we will love to see more pictures of yoru ATR and also the Type-S
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    Wales Andy wrexham
    no Problem i will get on it!!!
    - - - Updated - - -
    Some Pics of Both ATR ANd CL9
    - - - Updated - - -
    - - - Updated - - -
    P.s Im not the bald one ha ha ha

    20150723_203851. IMG_9796505523648. 20150901_181251. IMG_166324136783195. 20150903_163841. 20150903_163834.
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    wow.. fantastic duo I must say and in the best colour! and both look to be in spotless condition inside and out
    *mildly jealous in a good way*
    You have had your ATR for 9 years!! that is quite a lot.. I am sure you two have been through a lot :Smile:

    ps. the bald one is in a better position in that picture though ;D
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    Wales Andy wrexham
    Well who desnt like a good Tea Bagging, Eh? LOL
    yeah thanks. The ATR and i have a lot of history in that 9 years too. but with 175K on the clock she is retired i only bring her out once a month. its the original Engine and Gearbox and both still feel strong.
    The CL9 is another great car. it made 213BHP on TDI North Dyno with just the Gruppe M so i was pleased with that. I would like about 260BHP from the K24 so hopefully it won't take to much to do. But first its going to be a full respray and put the Mugen Wing from Japan on. Lowered and some new rims. But all in good time!!!!
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to Honda Karma @Drewballs22 :Hey:

    That's a nice pair of red uns you got :Smile:

    Good to hear that the ATR has served you well, sad to hear she is nearing retirement.

    213BHP from a stock engine with stock mapping sounds crazy ! Oh wait ! ... You mentioned TDI North Dyno ... nuuffff said !! :Grin:

    Pile in the money and she'll get there :Laughing:

    Plenty of crazy CL9 owners here modding our engines so you're in good company. :Friends:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Drewballs22 :welcome:

    Those are a couple of cracking Hondas you've got there...:GoodJob:
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