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    Honda Karma Community Rules
    Last Updated: 27/07/16

    1. Promotional & Advertising Content:

    1.1 Posts with questionable or contentious content will immediately be edited or removed from view pending further investigation.

    1.2 Posts considered advertising for one's self-interests, or promotion of a product other than those which Honda Karma has explicitly chosen to associate itself with is not allowed.

    1.3 Any posts promoting external websites except those with explicit reference to a particular topic are not permitted without prior consent. For any information contained on another forum, please copy/paste the content here so that it doesn't become unavailable/inaccessible in the future.

    1.4 Users are not permitted to post any kind of affiliate program link with referrer IDs, this rule holds no exception.

    1.5 No promotional or advertising links allowed in signatures, links to personal pages such as Facebook/Twitter/Flickr are perfectly fine.

    1.6 Only Traders and Affiliates may have avatars that depict their business.

    2. The Marketplace:

    2.1 Users with a rank of "Club Member" or higher may post items for sale in the marketplace sections.

    2.2 No items deemed illegal or dubious in nature should be advertised.

    2.3 No personal data to be exchange in public (do this via Private Messaging).

    2.4 Pictures of the actual item(s) for sale, must always be included as they indicate the item's current condition.

    2.5 No gauging interest threads, only post an item if you're prepared to sell/trade it.

    2.6 No ‘Offers’ or ‘Part Exchange‘ are permitted.

    2.7 The initial post must clearly state the price in GB pounds.

    2.8 Honda Karma is not responsible for the sale terms, items, and transactions agreed between the buyer and the seller.

    2.9 Sales threads will be closed by a HK moderator once an item is sold or no longer for sale. Please remember to leave a note/update, so that this can be done.

    2.10 All price changes in for sale threads should be made clear whether it is an increase or decrease. If you wish to update the price feel free to post on your own thread with the updated price and the reasoning behind it.

    2.11 More an advisory than a rule - when sending payment via PayPal, only send funds as payment for "Goods or Services" and do not gift the amount. If for any reason an issue arises with your transaction, PayPal will not cover you if the money has not been sent for goods. Please also include with the payment a precise description of the item and where it's going to, you can also put a link to the original advertisement to further cover your back. We don't want to see any member's lose out on money because of a dishonourable seller.

    2.12 You may only trade your own personally owned items which are legal to sell in your country and for which the ownership is transferable according to their terms and conditions.

    2.13 Car breaking threads in Marketplace
    You can list whole vehicles for breaking, but you must post pictures of the vehicle you are breaking.

    • You must state the exact Model and Year information.
    • You must list the major components that are already sold.
    • Once you receive a request for a part you must take a picture of the part and post a price for it.
    • Failure to do this the thread will be deleted with no explanation from the mods.

    3. Language & Trolling:

    3.1 Our community caters for users of all ages and walks of life, vulgar language is not allowed.

    3.2 Any kind of offensive, discriminatory, otherwise inappropriate material, language or external links will potentially be removed and users will be warned.

    3.3 Do not post provocative or outrageous messages only to get a response from others, i.e. "trolling." Repeat violators will be permanently banned.

    3.4 Expletives or masked/misspelt expletives are not allowed. No-one will blink an eye if something is a "pain in the arse" for you, but no need to direct that language at any other person(s) or product/brand.

    3.5 No "text speak" allowed, where possible please try and communicate with proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.

    3.6 The forum language is English, if you're cannot speak the language at least use Google translate and we'll try to help you along the best we can.

    3.7 Do not send rude, threatening or offensive messages to members, moderators, or administrators - this includes messages sent by by email, by private message, by use of the "Alert" function.

    Do not post messages attacking the moderators,or administrators.
    Any member acting in an aggressive or abusive manner towards any member of Hondakarma staff will be banned from our forums​

    4. Respecting the Law:

    4.1 General rule: if it's illegal, it's not welcome here.

    4.2 No posting of copyrighted material except with the express permission of the copyright holder.

    4.3 No bragging about street races, illegal speeding, circumventing MOT rules, insurance fraud or anything else which promotes laws being broken.

    4.4 Videos containing street racing on public open roads, driving fast and recklessly through the normal flow of traffic or any video which appears to be breaking the law is not allowed. You can showcase your performance in a video if it doesn't break any laws and roads are clear and safe but this is completely down to staff discretion. The best way to show your car on video is on the track in a controlled environment.​

    5. Personal Attacks:

    5.1 No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. Whilst some discussions may become heated, it is not an excuse to result to attacks or insults.

    5.2 There is a difference between a passionate/respectful discussion and a mud-slinging argument, don't delve into personal matters, don't go out of your way to offend anyone.

    5.3 Debate on the issues, not individuals. When this line is crossed, the discussion may be closed by the moderation team. Violators will be warned, reprimanded and potentially banned.

    5.4 Anyone deemed to be deliberately causing provocation will be dealt with immediately.

    6. Events and Meetings:

    6.1 Please follow the given naming convention for threads, the format is as follows:

    As a more general rule, before you submit anything, please consider how it will be perceived by others. For site terms and conditions of usage, see here.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Amendments made to Section 4 new addition 4.4. Please take note.
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  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Amendments made to section 2 and 2.12 added to the Market place section.
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  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    @Members please make note of new additions to the rule 3.7 and 3.8. There was a thread on here not so long ago which started this and the members in question on that thread are being monitored, anymore of that will result in bans.

    You have been warned and the loophole is now closed.
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  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    @Members please see amendments in clause 2.13 Car breaking threads in Marketplace
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