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    I am having an issue with parking sensors on a 2008 FR-V EX. When you put the car in reverse you get a long tone for 2-3 seconds then nothing. I bought the car like this so am unsure what it could be. I did read elsewhere on the forum to put in reverse and listen for the sensors clicking which I can't hear. I had an auto electrician I use for faults plug his computer in but it wouldn't scan parking modules. I was thinking to buy a HDS clone off ebay is this a good idea? Honda want to charge £65+VAT to plug the car in so my thoughts was the HDS would pay for itself. Otherwise I could take the rear bumper off and clean the terminals etc but would rather pinpoint the problem first. I would also prefer to fix than replace the whole system with aftermarket. The car also has a detachable towbar but is removed at the moment in case this could be related. Any thoughts?
  2. Most parking sensors let out a longish beep just to let you know that you are in reverse and the sensors are working.

    Have you, after the beep you describe, tested the sensors to see if they are picking anything up?
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    Sorry I think I haven't explained it properly. When you engage reverse there is a small beep for a second which then changes to a loud beep with a different tone which sounds like an error tone. The parking sensors don't then beep at all no matter how close you get.
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    I have found Honda FR-V parking sensor installation instructions posted by Inchiban on this page Optional Extras - FR-V Parking sensors
    On the last page of the installation it gives instructions on how to diagnose faults but it doesn't make much sense. It says to connect diagnostic signal to GND?
  5. Ahh yes, if they detect a problem, they will beep for longer and then turn themselves off.

    @Ichiban should be able to advise you further hopefully on the OEM side of testing things
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    Get a helper and what ever you don't run them down. get the car in reverse and get the helep to walk towards the sensors do each of them and hear if the note increases and decrease as they walk back. You don't need to move the car all get the helper to do all the changes in movement.The sensor which does not do anything need unplugging and cleaning, check for rust too, rusty sensors are dud they will need replacing.
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    The parking sensors don't work at all so its not possible to try your method. On the FR-V parking sensor installation instructions last page it has information on how to diagnose faults. To read/hear the fault codes it asks to "Connect diagnostic signal to GND" which I presume GND is ground? I remember watching a video from ericthecarguy (second favourite mechanic after Ed China) about how you can get fault codes by bridging a plug on the wiring loom with a clip. Here's the link How To Pull Honda Codes Without a Scanner - Eric The Car Guy- Stay Dirty!

    Could it be possible there is a data link connector specifically for parking sensors?
  8. Reversing sensors are completely seperate to the rest of the car is my understanding - the control module is installed in the rear of the car and isnt linked up to the cars computers at all. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong, but even the OEM kits are fitted the same way as all other parking sensors so I don't see how pulling codes will help in relation to this.
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    correct nighthawk, there is no diagnosis possible from the HDS or otherwise. I presume they are standard sensors and most likely the bosch ECU. you will need to remove the O/S/R inner boot trim to access the sensor harness and find the diagnostic wire. it should be taped to the loom. connect this to earth and turn the ignition on and put into reverse ( don't start the engine ) as per the tone it produces will be a series of short to long and high to low pitched tones. in the trouble shoot guide it will tell you what each means down to individual sensors
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  10. @kes - just for your information, beefy is our resident fully qualified and employed Honda technician so he is a great one to take advice from. :Thumbup:
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    Thanks everyone for replies, that makes sense as when we had a obd2 scanner connected it didn't come up with a parking module.
    Beefy that's the exact info I was looking for. Okay I'm armed with enough information and will report back with my findings when I get a chance to tackle it.
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    Hi is there any way of turning the sensors off?
  13. Easiest way would be to locate the negative cable is disconnect the earth. When I installed my sensors, I put a cut off switch in line of the negative cable to disable them if I ever needed to