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    I have issue with Accord Tourer parking sensors. Yesterday I had trailer attached to my car. Every thing was working fine. I made couple reversing with trailer and parking sensors was beeping normally (I didn't disabled sensors while trailer was hooked). I left trailer to parking area and continued driving. After few kilometres driving I got "Check System" whit all parking sensors indicator image on display. Switch for sensors have not green light matter pressing it on/off.

    I was trying to read other posts about parking sensors but I didn't found any answers to fix it.
    Is it possible to reset parking sensor unit some way? Where sensors unit is located?

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for advance!
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    It could be a system communication error which needs resetting , if it comes back then you have an issue or some wiring issue on your hitch.

    You ideally need to get the codes read of the ECU and see if they are erasable, take it from there.
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    My car was investigated in local Honda service. Issue was in parking sensor switch. Switch light didn't work and that caused "system check" error. Now light is replaced and system is working fine.

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    Good result!
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    Thanks for this tip... My Accord had the same issue and i thought it was control unit fault. replaced bulb on the switch and its all sorted...
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