Engine & Gearbox Performance Limited While "Running In"

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Wombat, Tuesday 27th Sep, 2016.

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    Both my (petrol) CR-V and my (petrol) Jazz seemed to be more lively once the odometer had passed a reading of some 5,000 km.
    Is the reason for this:
    1) The engine spinning more freely after "running in"?
    2) A setting in the engine management computer which restricts performance during "running in"?
    3) My erroneous perception caused by the joy of owning a Honda?
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Yes I have felt it on all Honda products more so on motorcycles engine as you can feel the engine more intensely. Honda fill the engine oil with a high concentration of organic molybdenum this is adsorbed by metal friction surface and it leads to create a strong lubricant film to reduce frictional resistance. Now the MODTC aka organic molybdenum has embeds itself in your engine at all the critical areas this will remain there for a long time.

    If you read your handbook Honda quite clearly states don't replace the engine oil before its first service. I however change it around & 7K mark on cars and 600 miles on a bike, but Honda never explained to customers why.. well now you know.

    Some people love Moly oils that why they use Mugen Infinity engine oil VT-α-5W-40 oil. If anyone is rebuilding their Honda engines it is worth getting in special engine running oils with a high concentration of MODTC.