General Poor Ground Clearance / Breakover Angle?

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    I note the Philippines brochure states the wheelbase is 2700mm and the ground clearance is only 133mm. This results in a poor calculated breakover angle of only 11.25 degrees (see

    This means the new Civic will be unable to negotiate steep changes in incline e.g. a steep driveway and severe speed bumps will need to be driven over very carefully to avoid damage to the under body. I hope the UK model will have better ground clearance, otherwise UK drivers will need to be careful how they drive the new model.

    In contrast, the current Mazda 3 is a more usable design having the same wheelbase of 2700mm but a having a better ground clearance of 155mm giving a breakover angle of 13.1 degrees.

    I cannot understand the current trend among car designers to keep extending wheelbase or lowering ground clearance (or both) resulting in a very poor breakover angle performance which makes the car design impractical unless you always drive on roads with shallow changes in incline.
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    Different market have different demands. Suspension tuning is different, suspension components are different. That's the reason UK doesn't get USDM or JDM cars... One being too soft the other being too hard.

    In South Asia the Civic and Corolla etc get much taller suspension and smaller wheels to compensate for bad driving roads so I don't think you can compare any other market's spec with UK ones. Also UK Civic has historically been a unique design to the rest of the world who prefer sedans over hatchbacks.

    Much relevant comparison would be to look at US Civic and its dimensions as their hatchback will be built in Swindon while Coupe and Sedan will be local. Mind you Us cars have longer noses due to NHTSA requirements being different from Euro. Prime example is Honda FiT vs Jazz ...
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    OK - I might just buy one if the UK model has an acceptable breakover angle.
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    Wait and see. :Smile: