Pre-Purchase Potential Jazz Hybrid owner, after some advice please...!

Discussion in 'Jazz' started by benlovesgoddess, Monday 7th Mar, 2016.

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    United Kingdom Ben Bridlington
    Hello all!
    I thought I'd be keeping an i20 for the next 8 years, but a fault before 40,000 miles makes me want to ditch it now....
    So, looking on Honda to see how much a new Jazz Hybrid costs, can't see one.
    Lots of 2nd hand ones up to fairly recently - has the Jazz Hybrid been discontinued?
    How does the Hybrid system work - is it an assist only, or pure electric drive while charged? Can it be plugged in?
    What sort of lifespan and replacement cost does the battery pack have?
    Any owners really regret buying one....?!
    I'll be driving 50 miles a day on country roads, will a Jazz handle that we'll?
    Oh, and all Hybrids seem to be automatic, I always drive manual, am I stuffed with transmission..?!
    Thanks in advance, looking forward to some answers! Cheers, Ben
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    @Ichiban used to own a 3rd Generation Hybrid before it was written off. He might be the best person to answer your questions regarding ownership and ride and handling.
    * There is no Hybrid in 4th Generation's lineup for now. No ETA
    * I think it is assist only but definitely not a plugin
    * Batteries are warranted for 5 years but will last 10 years or life of the vehicle. Even Leaf which is full electric, its batteries are warranted for 100,00 miles or 96 months.
    * I know of an owner who used his for driving tuition and had done 155k miles in April 2015.. I think he has gone further than that now but no updates.
    * All of them are CVT as that is what suits the Hybrid setup (same with Yaris and Prius)
    * I think because the HX is heavier than regular Jazz (batteries and all) I wouldn't be surprised if it rides even better.
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    United Kingdom Ben Bridlington
    Thanks - we'll try and see some models on the weekend, hope there's one in a showroom near us...!
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    I am also tempted by a 1st Generation insight....!
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    Oh those wonderful 2 Door hatchbacks? or the newish Prius type 5 door hatches? If you are talking about latter then make sure to take an extended test drive. I have been in a newish one as Uber and the suspension was very stiff compared to Prius.