Suspension, Steering and Brakes Pressurised brakes??

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    Just wondering if accord brakes are pressurised, a friend of mine suggested this as he has worked with cars EG. Vw bora, that use this system. Recently changed rear pads on project car as they were disintegrated from lying up and brakes now feel spongy and I am not confident in there stopping ability. Maybe its just a case of bleeding system? Or maybe it has something to do with ABS, as light is on? Any suggestions?
  2. All car brakes work on hyrdraulic pressure. When you change your brake pads, its always a good idea to bleed the brakes at the same time - even a small amount of air in the lines can cause that spongy feeling.

    Try bleeding them.

    If the ABS light is on, it means that the car will have disabled its ABS system for whatever reason, need to ascertain why it is on.
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    I'd go further than just bleeding the system, if the car has been laid up for sometime then it would be worth flushing the old brake fluid out with new brake fluid. Brake fluid hygroscopic, it absorbs water.

    For the ABS you need to get the code off the ABS unit to know what the root cause is. Most likely a failed reluctor ring sensor.
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    Brakes are servo assisted via the vacuum from the engine,Petrol engines produce natural pressure all diesel cars have vacuum pumps.