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    I'm new to the forum...I bought my first Honda last week and it only came with one key fob. Its a 2002 Civic, 1.6 VTEC 4 door. Would I be able to get a used fob from another Civic like this:


    ...and then just re-program to my car?? If so, is this easy to do?? Seen something online regarding an ignition sequence whiles pressing the fob buttons...any more info on this please??

    Thanks in advance!

  2. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    You can indeed program upto 2 additional remotes to your car. The method used will be this one: central locking remote fob (General - )

    It's pretty much same for all Honda's of the era (Jazz, Civic, Accord, CR-V)

    Make sure you buy the remote with exact part number cause even if the remote look the same there are two different frequencies available.

    Shameful plug alert: incidentally I am selling my extra remote in the marketplace section of the forum: Genuine Honda 2 Button Remote Fob £12 + Free Delivery (For Sale - )

    It's not pretty but it works and is the same as 2003 Civic 1.6 Sport. You can buy a new casing for it but like I said make sure the part number match (found on inside PCB)
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    Thanks for reply, I appreciate it. I get paid day after tomorrow so may look at buying your fob then depending on part number...

    You said part number is found on inside PCB...is that printed circuit board....inside fob??

    Thanks again.
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    Yes, although my fob just got sold one eBay, you can still view the thread to see the part number printed on the PCB which was Omron G8D-344H-A. Check yours one first .. the plastic casing just comes apart with a bit of force.. and then make sure the one you buy off eBay is the same.
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    Great. Thanks again for the info!