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    Hi Guys
    I need to replace my radiator on my 2.4 accord tourer.
    Looks straight forward enough but is there anything I should be aware of before I dive in?

    Also am I correct in thinking the coolant to replace the old stuff with is the standard blue coolant?

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    What is wrong with it mate? have you ruptured it ?
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    Was about to start changing the aircon rad and noticed bottom half of rad is missing most of its cooling fins so want to change it to prevent any nightmares later. Like middle of winter coolant leak lol. Cheers
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    Hi Tony. Not done this on the 7th Generation so i don't know about taking fans off, but apart from that you are right it is straightforward. The hoses don't put up much of a fight. Worth changing the rubber o-ring on the drain plug after you take the plug out or they can leak. Use Honda Type 2 coolant - nothing else. Best getting 7 litres to be on the safe side.
  5. @tonygw . Changing a rad is easy enough and is simply a case of unbolting it and removjng the pipes, fans etc and pulling it out and rebleeding the new one. Use honda coolant

    Last one i changed was on an Audi.
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    I was thinking of using some kind of G clamp and smooth wood or something to clamp the bottom hose to prevent all the coolant draining from the block, do you think this would work or should I just let it all hang loose and drain out?

  7. You will have to air bleed it anyway so may as well take this as an opportunity to bleed the entire system out and refresh all the fluid. I usually pop off the bottom rad hose and run a hosepipe through the system before disconnecting the radiator to flush it all out first and then just let the hose hang. You would then have flushed it out and ready for all new coolant which your water pump will love you for.
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    Ah yes good idea.. the old girl deserves a treat.
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    Straight forward job, drain coolant, unplug top hose, unplug bottom hose (if it's hard to get to connector then leave this until you have the radiator loose), unplug temp sensor at the bottom, unplug electrical connectors for fans (one at both ends of radiator). Remove the top valance plastic cover, remove the two bolts holding the radiator in place. Radiator is now free to come up.
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