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  1. I am curious, what options do any of you parents on here exercise when it comes to working/school holidays to ensure there is someone looking after your kids? The wife is returning back to work after 10 years out of the work place this week, and whilst my work is shift work, so relatively flexible, it still poses a slight issue with childcare.

    What do you guys, who have kids, here use as child minders? Parents? Friends? Clubs?

    Trying to work out the options here
  2. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Mrs Pottermus as she is a housewife.

    School holidays, now that's a subject I could go on about all night. My sister is a teacher and all this crap about the long hours and working through the holidays is all lies.
  3. Yup, one of the guys I work with used to be a teacher - the stuff he tells me they used to do during the school holidays, the least of which was working or marking papers at home.
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    Not much help with your question but in my case when I am at work Mon- Fri my wife is off.
    She works weekends and I look after the kids.

    My parents are not here so have to rely on very good friends of mine who I trust with my life to look after our kids when I have to works weekends.

    Childcare in this country is tad expensive and reason my wife does not work full time . It's just not worth it.
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    TV? Back in the day I would watch stacks of VHS's, its easier these days with Netflix.
  6. We have a family friends daughter staying with us this week to help look after the kids when we are at work. She is 16, seems perfectly mature, but is very quiet. We have known the family for years. My eldest is pretty responsible for a 9 year old, very self sufficient but obviously still too young to be left alone at the moment.

    I am dubious about leaving my kids in the care of a 16 year old even though she seems responsible and the kids, to be honest, will probably just be on the xbox all day long anyway. But I am a naturally cautious person and have difficulty in trusting anyone who has not proven their trust to me.

    You guys think I am just being over cautious here?
  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Nope. We would never leave our monsters with anyone other than family or adults we knew very well.
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    I can believe it. My sister must go on holiday 8 times a year. She went over to the states twice in a month last year.
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    I gave up work as it made no financial sense for me to keep at it for the time being, I was a chef and Mrs. JD does rotating shift work so child care got really expensive and difficult. My youngest will be going into playschool next year, so I'm trying to decide what to do when I grow up, as going back into the hotels doesn't really sound like a possibility. Funding further education for myself at the moment probably won't be in the cards either as the eldest still has a year of university left, although we have a good few years before the next one will be in that position were going to need that time to save. The closest of my family are a 8 hour flight and my wife's are on the other side of this country so sending them to the grandparents after school isn't an option. Child care will be a difficult one, like you my trust is very hard earned when it comes to my kids and quality, vetted, registered, and flexible minders are rare and expensive. Trusting in a 16yr old really isn't an option till the kids get closer to that age themselves.

    I really don't see a good solution to the problem as they will still need to be taxied about for activities and as you say school holidays and summer break. There is a homework club but it really only buys an hour and at 2euro a kid per day by 4 kids... My guess is swapping schedules with the Mrs for weekend work or part time set hours, but in my case hospitality is not an area where you stay employed with inflexibility. I could look into more institutional work (hospitals/nursing homes/factory canteens) which given different tax rates, transportation costs, and so on would wind up losing us money with the type of wages paid for that type of work.

    I also know for myself after 8 years of this I'm a bit nuts already, and the idea of sitting at home when there are no kids to mind will lead to alcoholism, adultery or maybe a bit of both, the allotment is only so entertaining. It's a temporary problem as they get older and more self reliant it will ease the pressure. I don't envy your position keep us informed as to how it works out as we'll soon be in the same position.
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    Become a teacher :Whistle:
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  11. I have way too much fun in my current role to be a teacher. Besides, the only kids i like are mine.
  12. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Just got back from the supermarket. Plenty of children in there today. Most were well behaved, but not the two girls that spent all their time shouting and screeching at each other. The mother did nothing to stop them. :Rant::Rant::Rant:
    I hope they spend all Easter holiday screeching at home and drive their parents crazy. :Devil:
    Maybe then they will teach them how to behave.
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    School holidays are great as the roads are usually quieter during Rush hour in the morning
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    I have fun, sending a 16 year old to the prep room for a "long weight" kept me amused for days....
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    Scotland Graham Scotland
    I thought teachers always say that they are underpaid also? Lol
  16. I doubt anyone says they get paid enough
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    I'm a teacher, I havent been abroad since I started, and I doubt i'll go abroad until I retire. I simply can't afford the holiday premium.

    as a 2nd job (i.e with a partner earning more) its a decent paid job.

    Also in the provinces (Wales etc) its a well paid job.

    In the heart of Bedfordshire, with a partner working in Sainsburys, not so much!!
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    I have to to take days off to cover the days when my wife has to work.