Service & Maintenance Servicing of the car, 57 plate 36k miles

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    My recently purchased FR-V 57 plate 1.8 had FSH and is due for service in December. I do not understand cars and I was wondering if I should get the whole car checked and serviced before December (just in case) or to wait until December. Also I am struggling to make up, what needs to be done from the manual. The FR-V is nearly 6 years old, but only done 36k miles (in London).
    I might not take it to Honda garage as there isn't one close by so I would appreciate help so I don't get ripped of.
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    If you look at the service book, it will state service by mileage and by time interval. You service your car by mileage or by time interval depending on which one comes first. So in a low mileage car you won't be using the mileage to determine when the next service is you will be using the time interval.

    If your still confused post a picture of your service book (blank out any visible VIN numbers showing in the pics) and we'll advise you.
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    I will take a pictures over the weekend and post them here.
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    This is the info I have managed to gather

    Car registered 19/11/2007
    Not details about what was done since registration up to 24/08/10. Just stamps from Honda Dealer.

    24/08/10, 15539 miles - Honda dealer
    Front/rear wipers
    Pollen filter
    Front brake pads+calipers
    4 new tyres
    Battery replacement

    18/10/10, 17543 miles - a Honda dealer
    MOT + advised amber on front brake discs, disc starting to lip, both 50%
    Oil filter cartridge
    Washer plug 14mm
    Fuel sys clean
    Screen wash
    Brake dry
    Brake fluid
    Castrol oil

    24/11/2011, 26094 miles not a Honda dealer
    Engine oil flush
    Fuel conditioner
    Oil filter
    Air filter
    Cabin filter
    5w/30 zetec semi automatic oil

    18/12/2012; 34273 miles not a Honda dealer
    Engine oil flush
    Fuel conditioner
    Oil filter
    Oils and sundries

    To my un-experienced eye it looks like that the front disc needs doing now, but I am not sure about anything else.
    Battery as per my post over the weekend is maybe due to be replaced as well, btw thanks for help.
    Also to me it looks like that the parts in the non Honda Garage were not genuine Honda parts.
    I was thinking to have a Health check done in my local Honda Garage when I will go to have the car check for a recall and see what it will say.
    Can I just ask for it or how it works?
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    Could somebody who understand the servicing stuff recommend what to do. Is the info above enough?
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    If you are not sure how the car has been maintained I would change oil, oil filter, air filter for peace of mind.
    By all means book free health check with Honda.
    Since car is 6 years old lots of things would need changing like brake fluid, clutch fluid etc if none of this has never been done.
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    I would like to know if those three service under warranty were done? as it stands you assume the first service and the first oil change was at 15K miles

    if it was my money I would not have touch that car with the information given.

    It would need a aircon top up for sure
    fuel filter
    new plugs
    transmission oil
    brake fluid flush with altleast 1.5 litres
    if manual the clutch master cylinder will need it brake fluid changing
    with a full service to start off.
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    Well IchibanAccord you didn't make me feel happy at all. BUT the car is now mine and I need to make sure it is ok. If I call the two honda dealership which did the service in 2008 and 2009 they should be able to tell me what they have done. The service in 2008 was done at 4709 miles, in 2009 at 8168miles. So as far as I can make it, it would be good to do the health check first and than the 12+ service, after that anything else what the garage will suggest? Or should I just go by the 72 months schedule in service book and ask them to do all of it? Please bring my confidence back ;(
    I have managed to speak to other two honda dealerships which did a service and they confirmed to me that they have done standard 1st / 2nd service.

    and I would like to know why do you think that spark plugs, fuel filter or automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed? According to the service intervals this is due at 84 months so next year? I don't want to question your knowledge I am just wondering. thanks again for your advice
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    Hi just edited your post with the long URL to the wiki , Sorry to be blunt but I saw what you said as black and white and normally see the world in that way too..:Whistle: I will fix that issue with the URL. It good to know that your car has had servicing in its warranty period which would seen suggest it has regular and its looked after.

    I was suggesting the above work due to the age of the car on Honda its the mileage or time which every comes first .In your case the mileage is low but it still advisable to change the lot as per the 72k mileage schedule.

    I will get more of the FR-V wiki complete one of my to do lists.
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    I spoke to my local garage in Oxford and asked them about the Honda 12+ service and the CVT fluid change (I take it CTV = automatic transmission fluid ).
    They will collect and deliver the car FOC as well which is nice. Now I need to find £320.00 :Whistle:
  11. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Why don't you do it yourself if you need the guided in how to let me know that can be arranged for FOC :Wink:. Buy your Honda parts with Holdcroft Honda at our club rates with free delivery.

    save the labour rates. Did the FR-V come with a CVT gearbox? last time i checked it was a normal autobox? may be wrong but can easily look that up.
  12. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Its a good job you posted this on here otherwise you would have put the wrong fluid in your transmission your gearbox is MH3A series which is a Automatic gearbox.

    When you ring for parts give your VIN or car reg number so they can order the right parts, it clear someone at your oxford dealership wanted you off the phone :Whistle:
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    Well this something I have discussed with my wife yesterday? I was looking on three options.
    1. to buy genuine parts and some of it myself (air filter/ pollen filter) as per great instrutcions on this site and the rest (oil change, oil filter) with a friend who works in a garage as I haven't got the tools necessary. Btw I struggled to find necessary parts on Holdcroft Honda :Frown:
    2. you won't like this one. Buy non genuine parts and do it as per no.1.
    3. have it done all at honda garage.
    My thoughts are that if I buy genuine parts I am looking to spend around £150 and by the time I do it myself plus pay my friend something, it is going to be almost £245 what Honda charges to have it done. And they collect car, fix it, check it, deliver plus I will have stamp and warranty 12 months.
    As I do not know much about this car, I was thinking that they will hopefully do a good job checking it completely, so I will know what else might be a problem or needs doing. Than I can get the parts and have it done by a friend (e.g front brakes by the look of it) and service if as of next year using a friend.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    Is there a massive difference between the genuine and non-genuine pollen/oil/air filter? Is it worth the saving. I think not.
    I don't know about CTV (it is auto, 1.8 petrol,57 plate) I presumed CTV = auto transmission. I do not know much about cars.
    If a friend does the service or part of it, I won't have a stamp in the service book anymore, but is the stamp in the service book important for a 6 years old car I am intending to keep for 3-4 year minimum?
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    Struggled to find parts with Holdcroft in what way? All I will say not be pressurised into doing something you are not prepacked to do or feel comfortable. Sometime its better someone else got their hands dirty for that price.

    yes there is a massive difference in genuine parts and quality and the price variation is hardly there to make a saving

    CTV tranmsmisisin and Auto traditional torque convertor are two separate boxes with different technologies so don't get them mixed up.
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    Holdcroft spare parts takes me to a Ebay, where I can't find any Honda FR-V items.
    You are not forcing me, in fact I would like to have a go, but not sure how capable am I and what tools I do not have, which might be needed.
    I am sure if I took it to Honda, they would know what to put into the gearbox. It is not due to be done under normal conditions until next year, but I better get it changed.
    I will update as and when its all done.
  16. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I can see why you struggling , Holdcroft Honda is a dealership bud you can ring them and order parts. Their eBay shop has limited range it's only items which sell the most