Side airbag, user manual etc

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    Luxembourg Olivier lux
    Hello People...

    Sadly I had a little crash with my Jazz. First snow on road, very slippy.
    And this car even with M+S tires is not good on snowy roads.
    Hope you will understand, english is not my mother tongue.

    During my little crash, Side airbag and seat airbag fire.
    I would like to change by myself those airbag. Did anyone already did this?
    Is anybody got a service manual?

    Probably I will need honda drag after that

    Any thanks welcome

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  2. olivenoire Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Luxembourg Olivier lux
    Nobody to help??
  3. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Hello Olivier and welcome to HK.
    Sorry to hear about the crash but glad that you are ok. Give it some time I think one of our resident experts will be able to guide you better..
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    Luxembourg Olivier lux
    You are right :Smile:
    I need to wait.
    Found some information. Probably SRS is not the only thing to change
    The whole thing will cost near the price of my car :/
  5. ArcticFire-Account Closed Banned Getting Started

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    I'm sure the airbag system has to be done by a dealer and unfortunately I'm sure it costs a fortune.
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    Luxembourg Olivier lux
    It seems easy to change it.
    Only the 2 airbags and some stuff cost 2000€
    Probably 1800£...
    - - - Updated - - -
    It seems easy... If fact you are right. Not sure at all. And it contains explosive material...
    - - - Updated - - -
    So no it is not easy.
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    They are easy enough to change, although the seat one could be awkward. Disconnect your battery before connecting the electrics. Then switch ignition ON and wait for warning light to go OUT (re-set) before starting engine.
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    I was reluctant to advice on this this topic for obvious reasons. My understanding is that the Honda Airbag ECUs are one time use only ie they can't be reset.

    So as well replacing the blown airbag units you will need to replace the ECU as well.
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    Luxembourg Olivier lux
    TY for your advice and comment.
    Meanwhile your answer, I've found a service manual for the Jazz.
    I will put a little extract if it is allowed.
    And yes it seems ECU need to be replaced.
    So obviously everything seems to expensive do to the job well...
    I think I will have to forget about this idea.