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  1. Had a bit of a discussion earlier with a friend in relation to constantly starting and stopping cars to move very short distances. He is rather lazy and will literally drive across the street rather than walk there or drive from one end of a shopping mall car park to the other side to be closest to whichever shop in question he is going to. Personally I hate stopping and starting a car on short distances and plan my journeys with the least amount of stopping and starting the car as possible due to mechanical wear etc etc.

    Curious what others thoughts are. What do you do? Obviously not talking about stop/start technology here.
  2. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    I agree. Living in London means start stop traffic is inevitable yet I still try to minimize it by travelling at off-peak times such as after 7pm. Also I make a fortnightly trip from South East to South West and more often than not choose to travel by M25 rather than driving through the city even though the it is 77 miles vs 21 miles. I know that is alot but it takes the same amount of time 1.5 hours and I feel it is less stress on the car's brakes, clutch etc and also on me too.
  3. Not start stop traffic as such as thats inevitable but rather start stop as in starting your car to drive a short distance then turning it off. Then starting it again, another short trip and turning it off again time and time again.
  4. legend-ary Moderator Staff Team

    Nah. never do such trips. If I have to go to multiple locations within short distances, I park it in one place then walk to the rest of the places.
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    I remember back in the day when my Father use to do building work. He had a Toyota Corolla estate car, so he drive it a few streets stop at where he needed to work, then later on in the day he may take a trip to the local DIY store, then back to the customer, maybe home for lunch etc etc With all these short trips he'd do he use to get through an exhaust pipe every year. Basically the exhaust system wasn't hot enough to vapourise out all the water that was accumulating inside and and this would rust out the exhaust.

    There'll be many other areas of the car that suffer too when doing short journeys.
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    For a short trip to the shops I will often take the Van, but if I need to take the car I will take a long route to make sure its warmed up. It has been know for me to walk to the shops, a good hour round trip walk.
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  7. Glad its not just me then. I quite like walking

    Im very conscious about short trips in the accord as diesels don't like stopping and starting. Small trips il take the Civic. Also because i live in a village it allows me to have some fun down country lanes in her:Whistle:
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    I avoid doing that too, I think it's incredibly lazy to get in and drive to the other side of a retail park to get to a shop, I think the laziness aspect is worse than the wear and tear issue of the car, I walk as much as I can, any local places I will work to, gym, supermarkets, mates house, nans, aunts, I could easily drive there, but they are local so I walk and saves me having to drive around hunting out tiny parking spaces! In retail parks I generally park as far as I can from other cars and then walk to each shops.

    Also when I have to do errands and drops off, for example dropping my sister off to her house, which is like 2.5 miles away, once I drop her off I more often than not drive around and go for a quick blast just so the car is all up to proper temps and has a good run, keeps the car healthy and all that, I don't do many miles in a year so its important the car gets a good run, although it doesn't worry me much if I have to do very short runs as I know a Honda won't moan about, my dad's driving for a large period of time was short journeys start and stop in his Honda's and none of them ever gave any trouble, it was the only Volvo he had that was troublesome.
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  9. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I'm not in favour of short stop start trips unless I'm getting big/heavy items.
    As for these large retail sites, I park as far away from the building entrances as possible and walk. (But there are other important reasons for this :Wink:)
    If you don't need to use the car, then walk. Not only is it better for the environment, it's better for you.
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    I don't have a choice, your average car park is too large for me to actually walk across due to pain. So I will park as close as I can to the entrance and if I need to go across to the other side, I will drive... I've got no other choice. There have been times when I've gone somewhere and simply couldn't park close enough to the place I wanted to go... So I came home and went another day.

    I used to walk a lot, up until 6-7yrs ago I was going for a walk 5-6 days a week anything from 1-3 miles and I did that just for the exercise. Now I can't get more than 20-30 meters without being in pain.

    I don't use my car much, it can sit on the drive for several days at a time without me needing to use it, then it'll get a 25m run over to see the folks and whilst there I'll be running errands for them, taking them shopping and so forth... A trip to Lidl, then on to Morrisons then back home... it might be 6-8 miles in total. But again, I don't have a choice.

    As for wear and tear... I don't think it makes that much of a difference unless you aren't letting the car warm up properly and drive it too hard when still cold. You might use a little more diesel/petrol and you might find you should be servicing it a little more often... but any older car should be serviced regularly and an oil change every 5-7k miles should be the norm.

    It's hard to judge when you drive an older car... you may think you're creating more wear and tear... but it simply could be the age of components is starting to show. That's where a good service history and plenty of bills/receipts come in handy. You can tell what's normal and what hasn't been done and could be expected to fail.

    These CDTi engines are pretty bullet proof and the cars are well built with decent rust prevention and mine has 158k on the clock and still drives well and with no obvious signs of any issues... yet.
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    Scotland Dave glasgow
    Some short journeys are a necessity for me. West coast of Scotland weather and 2 young children means I find myself taking the car for a half mile journey. If I don't the kids look like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards when we arrive.

    If possible I'll take the long way home - not because of the short journey thing if I'm honest - more that I still enjoy driving my accord. So I go for a longer drive just for the sake of it. :Smile:
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  12. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    All the more reason for those that don't have to use the car staying off the roads or parking further away from the entrances. Additionally, I get very annoyed when the disabled or parent and child places are used by people who are not entitled to.
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