Suspension, Steering and Brakes Steering Vibration

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    FR-V Owners Chassis code BE1, BE3, BE5 of Production year 2005 & 2006

    The Symptom
    The owners experiences abnormal vibration whilst driving at speeds in excess of 50MPH ,and can be felt through the steering wheel as well as the body. The body vibration is most noticeable when the front centre seat back is down and the driver rests his elbow on the seat.

    The Cause
    1. Wheel and tyre phasing* not controlled effectively resulting in wheel in-balance
    2. Steering design is sensitive to vibration and shimmy transmitted from road wheels.

    * on a separate thread

    The Fix
    Measure and adjust phasing of wheel and tyre at the production line. Add a dynamic damper to the steering wheel assy in order to absorb vibration and shimmy.

    The Diagnosis
    A guide to how to check each vehicle and how to judge which level can be improved upon.

    Pre test drive checks.
    • Please confirm all cold tyre pressures and adjust if necessary.
    • Check wheel balancing and adjust if necessary.
    • Is the car fitted with steel wheels?
    If YES, the dealer will check on the VIN cut off is pre or post fix for out of specification wheel hub.
    If the car is prior to this fix ,the dealer will have to order replacement wheels.
    If the car post to this fix the dealer will need to carry out test drive.

    Test drive
    Drive the vehicle at a speed of 50MPH-70MPH preferably on a motorway with a smooth road surface. Whilst applying a minimal amount of force to the steering wheel, monitor the vibration level through the wheel and check visually for wheel vibration / movement.
    If both physical vibration through the wheel together with visual vibration/ movement is evident, then it may be possible to improve this level.

    Application to Production Line
    Honda addressed the issue on these model after this issue was known.

    JHMBE17206S204518 Steel 15x6JJ
    JHMBE3***6S204832 Steel and Alloy16x6 1/2JJ
    JHMBE5***6S213905 Alloy 16x6 1/2JJ
    JHMBE5***6S214158 Steel 16X6 1/2JJ
    Steering dynamic damper was introduced from 07 model year start up. if not sure always consult your local dealer.

    The Repair Method
    • Proceed to check for any signs of damage on any of the wheel,steering and suspension components.
    • Carry out Wheel Runout Inspection referring to the workshop manual.

    Special Note :- Make sure inner wheel rim is fully cleaned before measuring with DTI (Dial Test Indicator).

    The entire process of troubleshoot and ficing this issue is in excess of four hours so please bear this in mind the dealer has a lot of tasks to do so don't be shocked to hear the cost to diagnose and resolve this issue.

    Lastly use this information for your knowledge but not a leverage to negotiate free work, please be reasonable in your demands with the dealer this information must not be used to jump on freeloader gravy train.
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    I have a 2005 2.0 FR-V petrol with standard alloys which experiences this shaking when i get to 50mph accelerating through to 60 the steering judders then go's off when im into 60 and above but not while decelerating. and seems to be worse on an incline. I've had new tyres on balanced etc pressures are all spot on. Whats the likelihood that the item described above is causing these symptoms or a driveshaft problem like in a previous post? how would i know if its a driveshaft problem? many thanks
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    Just in case, my current CR-V had vibration problems and Honda, Kwikcon and a local tyre specialist couldn't fix it with balancing. In an off chance I checked out a local National Tyres depot and they had just got a brand new balancing machine in. Sorted it perfect! Had to go back recently as pot holes etc had caused a vibration to return at higher speeds and it's perfect again.

    I reckon the other places needed their machines recalibrated perhaps. Could be worth checking this out.
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    That's good I've got the dreaded MOT tomorrow so will see what that turns up. It's not knocking or clonking or whining as if it's a bearing or drive shaft. Hope it is simple as something as that as I may have to get rid if it's mega bucks
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    Speed and load related vibration can often be down to a worn driveshaft.
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    Passed MOT fine no advisories took it to council run MOT centre. Mechanics were even admiring it ! Will try the easy things first bushes, balancing etc and have a good look at CV joints. I know it will be sourcing a replacement will be the hard part as I'll have a go changing it myself. Thanks for replies
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    Update when I had the mothership in for other work had them check it out it was the inner CV joint causing the vibration had them replaced both sides all running smooth again
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    Hi guys,

    I'm suffering slight steering vibration. Tried the obvious new tyres, wheel balance (x3 times in different places) and tracking but only got it marginally better. I'm thinking inner CV joints need replacing but not 100%. I'll do myself and make a tutorial for the craic and post. Any way of checking CV joints before committing?
    I was thinking doing wheel bearings just to eliminate but none of the symptoms indicate that.

    In typical Vulcan fashion :zen:, I'm not best pleased at the tiny steering shake so need solve this before the old pon farr :shock: kicks in and I shite a torpedo in a crazy emotional rage :help:
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    Worth checking for a buckled wheel. My nsf is slightly buckled but I've managed to get it almost balanced out. It's very slight now. Hit a real bad pothole a few weeks ago.
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    Hi ArticFire,
    I'll throw a dial indicator on them at the weekend and have a look, thanks for the tip! :salute: