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    I need a days insurance on my parents car (Nissan x-trail 2.2 diesel) but no one will quote me! Probably as I'm only 18 but does anyone know of anywhere that will offer temp cover for a 18 year old? Or would it be easier to ring their current insurers and ask if they can add me to the policy for a day?
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    I would try through their current insurers.
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    They won't insure me due to the size of the car. I give up! Thanks for looking though mate.
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    I suppose you could always ask your old man to put you on his insurance policy as second driver or something like that.Sorry i couldn't help more and good luck with it.Hope you find a solution.
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    It's fine thanks for having a search :Smile: My only option is for him to ask his insurance company if they would put me on there just for the day. Only want it to drive to Japfest like 20 miles away!
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    Haha noo. It's only as I can't have more than 4 people in my car at once as it rubs on the rear arches. So wanted to use the parents car to get there.
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    have used this temp cover from then Norwich Union on several occasions simple and effective even tax a car back then with it... :Wink: