Engine & Gearbox Throttle cut-out - No warning lights

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    Car is a 2.2l CDTi Accord Tourer, 2006 55 plate

    A couple of weeks ago I developed a problem, that seemed to go away and is now back. It started when I was low on fuel and the fuel light was on, so I thought it might be related. As I was driving, I lost drive. The engine stayed running, but pressing the gas pedal did nothing. It just idled.

    I pulled over and within seconds, I was able to rev again, so I continued to drive, but it happened again after a few hundred yards.

    I limped to a garage and filled up. After that, it cut out a couple of times, then started straight away, before I came to a halt, so this is why I thought it was fuel related.

    After the car had sat for a few hours, I went out that night, with no problem. The next day, I drove it on holiday - About 200 miles, again with no problem. I didn't use it while on holiday and I drove it back a week later with no problem.

    A few hours after I got back, I went out and the problem occurred again, after about 10 miles. Each time, I had to stop for a few moments and it would allow me to rev again, but I could then only drive a few hundred yards. I left it for a few hours and it drove OK to a freind's house (2 miles) and to work the next morning (3 miles), but then the problem happened again on my way home, after about 10 miles. By the time the RAC came, it was OK again and made it another 5 miles before cutting out again.

    The RAC seemed to think it may be because I hadn't had my fuel filter changed for a long time. A fiend of mine who works for the AA thought the same. I have had that changed today, but the problem has not gone away

    I am thinking it might be more to do with the throttle, as it is just like someone flicking a switch and disabling it. Pressing the throttle simply does nothing. Then, after being stationary for a few seconds, the throttle pedal starts to work again

    However, I would have expected this to trigger the engine management warning light??? It hasn't. The RAC plugged their diagnostic machine in and it showed no errors.

    Has anyone got any ideas? I am worried, because I have very little money after my holiday last week and my car is my only way of getting to work, 15 miles away, so I am hoping it isn't expensive and likely to be off the road for long. Fingers crossed

    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Seems strange that you haven't got an EML coming on with this fault. Issue could be related to fuel pressure but this would normally bring on a warning light as the target pressure would not be met. You could possibly have an issue with your ECU this would explain why you are not getting any warning lights. I'd advise you get the fault memory read with the correct diagnostic equipment that can read history DTC's.
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    You may also have an issue with your accelerator pedal position sensor, but again you would expect to see an EML come on with any issues with this system. When you have issues like this and no fault codes the ECU becomes chief suspect bad news I know! Good luck with it.
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    Has your car got Cruise Control?

    You may find that the cruise control is playing havoc as it is the main break between your foot and the throttle body.
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Was a genuine fuel filter used?
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    The problem now seems to have randomly (and hopefully permanently) cleared. I put it into an electro-diesel garage. They ran a dignotic on it, which shoewed nothing. They took it for a frive and it was fine.

    Previously, it wouldn't go much more than about 15 minutes before going wrong. The garage drove it for 45 minutes without a problem. I then drove it home (About 40 minutes), went out last night (40 minutes there and back) and to work this morning (45 minutes) all without any sign of trouble.

    Hopefully, changing the fuel filter did do the job after all, but needed to run a little before really having an effect. Fingers crossed!
    Thanks for the help
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Good stuff, was a genuine fuel filter used by any chance.. If it was next time don't bother using rubbish aftermarket filter saving a few pennies for false economy .