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    Since i got the car just over a month or so ago, i really wanted a more sportier look to my completely standard 2.0 EX. The car was due to be booked in for some upgrades with my local dealership yesterday, but the whole family had come down with either a really bad flu or the bloody noro- including me. So me dreading the worst, phoned up the dealership to explain, i won't be able to bring the car in, and to postpone for another date. The response was 'no problem sir, we can arrange a collect n drop if you would like'. Which instantly got the thumbs up from me :Thumbup:

    So just got it back this evening, and I'm really pleased with the results. The only blip, was that i noticed no sports grill :Aghast:. Phoned up the dealership immediately, and they explained that the image pack doesnt list it as an item. i pointed them to the Honda UK website, and they were completely puzzled why their listing on their systems wasn't adding up to the web page results. Anyhow, they came back to me, suggesting that they had spoken to Honda, and that they were arranging to send a sports grill at no extra cost!!, but did insist that this was not part of the image pack. So this will be installed in a couple of weeks.
    For me the wheels, the spoiler and the kit, completely change the look of the car. Just some quick pics from the phone for now.



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    For a moment I thought that's my car.
    Fantastic,mine is exactly the same in blue with full kit including the grille.
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    Very nice :Thumbup:
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    Looking lean and mean :Smile: :Thumbup:
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    Thanks. What can I use to clean the delta wheels without damaging them? I have an autoglym standard wheel cleaner spray. Will this be ok?
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    I use Bilberry wheel cleaner and long and small brush to clean them.
    Spray Bilberry on them,leave for minutes them use brushes to clean them.
    Rinse afterwards and few coats of Poorboys wheel sealant for protection.
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    Zoran, you been hanging around CJ too much :Smile:

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    It is his fault,spent way too much money on cleaning stuff.
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    Not a fan of that Poorboys wheel sealant - bought some last summer as it was going cheap on ebay. don't think I'll be using it again.
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    Another vote here for Bilberry and Poorboys wheel sealant.

    www.cleanyourcar.co.uk do we have a club discount code for these guys?

    Bilberry still works diluted down beyond 50%, so 5 litres makes at least 10 litres, get a sprayer bottle and a soft brush.

    Poorboys wheel sealant works well, just need to apply a tiny smear with a sponge and let it dry then buff off.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Car looks great by the way....well jell!

    Sports grille for free, thats a deal!
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    Strange been using for ages and it perfect bud.. what are you using now.?
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    Just use bilberry cleaner but not found a suitable sealant yet. This crappy weather don't help either. Never dry enough to clean/detail the car properly so havent bothered sealing in a while.
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    Body kit really sets it off, I have a 2011 2.0 EX in the same colour and would love to have the same done to mine, couldn't give us a clue to the cost could you? I guess it's gonna be replacement front and rear bumpers plus side skirts plus spraying up, I'd imagine it's not cheap.
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    Yep, The image pack consists of front/rear bumpers/side skirts. They come prepainted from Honda UK, so the dealership will only be fitting them. The prices are up on Honda's website-far from cheap! but i would definitely recommend haggling :Smile:
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    That is a real sweet motor there!
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    Very nice indeed! :Thumbup:
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    If you find decent tyres for Deltas at that price please let me know,i will buy 2 sets.
    I had a few quotes for Michelin,Yokohama etc ranging from 150£-175£ for 1 tyre.:Crazy:
    Settled foe Vredestein Sessanta 130£.
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    225/45/18 95Y
    Odd size and expensive tyres.