Body, Paint & Styling Vinyl Wrapping and Rear door panel removal

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    Hello all,

    Long time since i've been on, been somewhat busy.

    Anyways, i've just started getting round to fixing and replacing various things in the car and would like a few pointers.
    With the rear door panel removal, i've taken out the obvious panels and removed screws but the panel still feels as if its bolted down, and i don't want to break anything. - Anyone got a guide for this?

    As for the vinyl wrapping, i'm not particularly confident when it comes to removing panels around the center console, and gear stick. Would anyone be able to recommend someone/company that would remove and wrap these parts for me? (Preferably around Kent)

    Many thanks as always!
  2. The door panel will be held in with clips that pop off. Get a tool removal tool and pry where the panel meets the door. They will pop off. Need a fair bit of force. There will be a guide on here somewhere showing how to remove panels. Its been the same principle for absolutely years.

    can't help with the vinyl wrapping side of things by recommeding anyone - I would say to just give it a shot yourself. I plan on doing some wrapping of console bits on the Civic at some point.
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