Suspension, Steering and Brakes VSA Modulator Pipes

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    I'm trying to remove the dreaded VSA modulator for reconditioning following the diagnosiof the 66.1 code. Everything is going well except that I can't undo the break pipes. Ihave got my best fitting spanners on the job and sprayed them with WD40 but there there's no movement. Any ideas anyone?
  2. Uses 10mm and 12mm if memory serves from when I replaced mine a few months ago. Are you using flare wrenches? They are snugged up tight. Undo them from the right to left as well as it gives you more room to swing the spanner.

    Here is my experience with it:

    Electrical & Lights - VSA Warning Light | Page 2 • Honda Karma
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    Yes, you are right on the sizes. I'm just using normal spanners which fit quite well but there is no movement at all. I get tempted to try some heat. I have one of those pencil gas torches which is fairly precise. Obviously I would have to be extremely careful and not get too giddy but I don't know if there is anything that could be damaged.
  4. I know its full of sensitive valves, which is what actually goes wrong with them causing hte 66-1 code. What company are you using? I used ECU Testing - they were fantastic. I would call them up and ask them if you can damage any seals or whatever by using heat. Mine were on tight but used a flare wrench and just snapped them loose. It did take a fair bit of force. The threads are secured with a bit of loctite on them as well. Have you tried the old trick of tightening a little bit first and then undoing?
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    I'll have to see about getting a flare tool. My other thought was some of that freezing spray that plumbers use on the pipe unions. I haven't decided which company to go with yet.
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    As @Nighthawk suggested flare nut spanner will make light work of brake pipe nuts that a normal spanner struggles with. Basically the nuts fuse with the aluminum, the extra grip of the flare nut spanners helps break that bond.
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    Thanks for the advice. I've rung the daughter's boyfriend and he has some, so he's going to get me them from work tomorrow. I think the best course of action now is to leave well alone until I get them. I'll let you know how I get on in a few days.
  8. I strongly recommend using ECU Testing. I have never dealt with a company as professional as they were. £165 if you take it to them for repair and they turned it around for me in 24 hrs but I did ask them to rush it through for me. They are based in Derby so I dropped it off in person.

    No idea what your car is, but I assume its a diesel. Make sure the part number matches however the part on the website.

    HONDA ACCORD 2.2 i CTDI i ABS (PUMP & ECU/MODULE COMBINED) - Part No: 57110SEGE551M1 / 06210902083
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    Yes it is a diesel. The part number is very similar to the one in the link. I'll wait until I get it off and then give them a ring to make sure before I send it.
  10. If you add your car to the garage, it will allow us to see at a glance your car details and allow us to advice you a bit better.
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    I'll have to take some photos of it and post them on. For the record, it's a 2004 accord tourer executive 2.2 I-CDTI.
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    Welcome along to a fellow tourer driver from Barnsley! hope you get the VSA fixed :Smile:
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    Thanks dave, you're not the one as pass on the way to Bolton to the daughter's are you?
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    Nope but I think I know the one you mean! Sent you a PM.
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    UPDATE. I got impatient and bought myself a set of 3 flate spanners from machine mart for £12. They worked a treat. Six pipes off in good order. Then with much careful wiggling and pulling, the unit is out. Thanks for the tip you guys. Also I managed to do it all from the top without removing the headlight or bumper. :Smile:
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  16. Well done mate, its amazing what difference a set of flare wrenches make.

    Removed it without removing headlight or bumper? Thats impressive as with mine, I had to pull it out through the gap of the headlight as the bracket holding the module in place could not be released without the entire unit being out of the car so there was no way I could lift mine straight up. Maybe there is a slightly different design between the facelift and pre facelift.

    Well done, I do seriously recommend ECU testing. Also comes with a lifetime warranty.
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    Is was a bit of a struggle. The air con pipes are the main obstacle. I rang both bba reman and ECU testing the other day. ECU testing are only £6 dearer so that's not much. But bba reman said 5-7 working days and they could arrange collection while ECU testing said allow 10 working days and I would have to take it to the post office. So I was thinking of bba remain. But if you personally recommend evu testing then I'll probably go with them.
  18. All I can say is that I needed to get mine fixed ASAP. Ripped it outa the car, borrowed a family members horrible Volvo and drove 3 hours there and back to drop it off. Told them I needed it rushed through, also told 7 days normally. I got it repaired within one working day and ready for pick up, and they texted and emailed me every step of the way.

    Personally, they were fantastic. So professional, polite, helpful. I have honestly never dealt with a company like that before. No idea what BBA is like but I remember when researching the two companies, they refurbing procedure isnt quite the same and can fail again. can't remember the exact differences now, but it was enough to turn me off them. Not saying they arent any good, but there was something in my research which I personally didnt idea now what that was though.
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    Sounds like the better place. I haven't got time to take it so I'll give them a ring tomorrow and pop to the post office before the end of the day. I've resigned myself to having no car for a couple of weeks so I'll just have to be patient.
  20. Fair enough.

    Its also a fantastic excuse to give your brake system an entire new fresh flush through with new fluid when you reinstall.
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