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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ichiban, Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016.

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    Thought provoking stuff man, thanks for posting that one :Niceone:
  3. Its like the theory of 7 degrees of seperation. For those that don't know what that is its the suggestion that within 6 steps, everyone is connected to someone else in the world. In other words, within a chain of 6 people starting with someone that you know which branches out within their circle of associates, to the next persons associates, within 6 of these associations, someone will know you, your folks etc.

    This is why I have no time for people who are racist or judgemental. We are all the same out there with the same needs regardless of our background
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    I have seen the add on tv for checking your history by DNA. I want to do it even more now.
    As far as I know my mothers family is from central Europe and my fathers side is northern (Sweden/Finland)
    but who knows!!! :shock:
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    It is a very powerful video.
    It is so true.
    It should be compulsory viewing in all junior schools throughout the world.

    Whilst it shows us that all humans are of diverse ethnic backgrounds, it will never make this world a safer better place.

    1) Some humans crave power, wealth and status and will do anything needed to achieve their goal.
    2) Others have been so brainwashed with hatred for other groups that they have to wipe them off the face of the earth.

    No 2 can be changed but will take a long, long time.
    No 1, IMHO will be with us forever.

    However, the video is a great starting point.
    Thank you for sharing.
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    Okay, i'll admit that i am afraid of being judged by others, but i reckon the important thing is not to let that fear dictate how you treat other people. We are all the damn same after all.

    If the infrastructure comes tumbling down, then hopefully folk will see past those perceived differences and see each other as human and nothing more. And stuff.
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    Wow ! That's a great video !
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    Great video!
    Few people here should watch it few times.
    I'll share this one.
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    Can't help but feel the video is acting marketing for those fad postal dns test companies.
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    Yeah as much as it kind of highlights the fact that human race is not bounded by lines drawn on maps but I think you can safely say that this video is just a marketing video so people feel the urge to get these mail in DNA tests done..

    Good message though regardless of the fact that it has a bit of overacting and secret ploy to make us buy something :Smile:
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