Body, Paint & Styling wing mirrors repair

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    Any idea how to take a wing mirror apart? I think one of mine must have been clipped as some point before I bought the car. I am looking to put it back as it was, but it looks quite stiff.
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    You car is a Honda FR-V 1.8 Petrol I will try to dig up some pictures and steps for you. Provided you do a DIY with repair method.

    if not sorry no info..
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    Of course I will do. :Smile: like with the pollen filter.
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    First Remove Door panel

    Mirror spilt view
    1. Lower the glass fully.

    2. Using the handy remover, push on the upper hook (A) and pivot the cover (B) down on the lower hooks (C), then remove the cover and the screws securing the inner handle (D).


    Special Tools Required
    Trim pad remover, Snap-on A 177A or equivalent, commercially available. Image is RHD is shown; LHD is symmetrical.
    When removing components, use the handy remover set or equivalent

    3. Remove the screw from under the pull pocket cap (A).


    4. Remove the door panel (A) with as little bending as possible to avoid creasing or breaking it.

    A. Start at the bottom edge of the door panel; release the clips (B, C) with a commercially available trim pad remover (D).
    B. Starting at the rear, pull the door panel upward.

    NOTE: The inner handle cable (E) and latch cable (F) are connected to the inner handle (G). Do not pull the door panel up too far, or these cables will be damaged.


    5. While holding the door panel away from the door, detach the cable fasteners (A) by rotating them.


    6. While holding the door panel away from the door, disconnect the latch cable (A) and inner handle cable (B).


    7. Disconnect the power mirror switch connector (A) (drivers) or power window switch connector, then remove the door panel (B).


    8. Remove the inner handle (A) from the door panel (B) by releasing the hooks (C), if necessary.

    9. Install the door panel in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
    · Replace any damaged clips.
    · Make sure the connector is plugged in properly, and the cables are connected securely.
    · Make sure the window and power door lock operate properly

    Remove Plastic cover if required


    10. Disconnect the connector (A).
    11. Detach the harness clip (B). Remove the maintenance cap (C), and remove the nuts.

    12. While holding the mirror, detach the clip (A), then remove the mirror (B). Take care not to scratch the door.
    13. Install the mirror in the reverse order of removal, and make sure the connector is plugged in properly.

    More to follow
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    I am already scared. All I was trying to do is to take a wing mirror apart. Surely I do not need to take the whole door to pieces before I can work on the wing mirror. I will take a picture of what I am trying to do first.
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    I am in the process of that bud ...the above guide was just for reference as it would have lead to it if I had posted how to take the internals out:Wink:
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    OK ...waiting patiently for my bits
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    Sorry just been busy will get round to it buddy.promise
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    Here your guide sorry it taken forever!!

    Carefully push on the top edge of the mirror holder (A) by hand.

    Put a shop towel in the opening between the lower edge of the mirror holder and the mirror housing (B) to prevent scratches, and detach the bottom clips (C) with a flat-tip screwdriver wrapped with protective tape.

    NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

    FRV MHR 1.

    Carefully pull out the bottom edge of the mirror holder (A) to separate the adhesive (B), and then release the side clips (C).

    Separate the mirror holder from the actuator (D) by releasing the hooks (E). If equipped, disconnect the mirror defogger connectors (F).

    FRV MHR 2.

    Before reinstalling the mirror holder to the inner holder (A) of the actuator, check the actuator rods (B) and the actuator boots (C):
    If each rod is off the actuator hole, insert it securely.
    The whole of each rod should be covered with the boot. If not, adjust the boot into proper position.

    FRV MHR 3.

    If either of the actuator boots (A) is hard to adjust its position because the top of the boot is down on the actuator rod (B) and it was turned inside out, disassemble the mirror actuator assembly to reset the turned boots on the rod, then reassemble them

    1. Remove the mounting screw (C).
    2. Remove the washer (D), the spring (E), the lock cap (F) and the inner holder (G) with the boots from the actuator (H).
    3. If necessary, remove the boots.
    4. Stretch the turned boot, and put it on the rod entirely. Take care not to tear or damage either of the boots. It is irreplaceble.
    5. Reinstall the removed parts, then secure them with the screw.

    NOTE: Make sure each actuator rod is inserted to the actuator securely, and each actuator boot is fully seated on the actuator.

    If equipped, reconnect the mirror defogger connectors. Reattach the hooks of the mirror holder to the actuator, then position the mirror holder on the actuator. Carefully push on the clip portions of the mirror holder until the mirror holder locks into place.

    Check the actuator operation.

    FRV MHR 4.
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    thanks ichibanaccord the last guide is what I am looking for.
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