How do I add my vehicle to the Club Garage?

To add your vehicle to the Club Garage:

You will need:
  • Some photographs of your vehicle
  • Your registration document OR chassis and engine codes
  • A list of modifications you plan or have made to your vehicle
  • The colour or paint code of your vehicle - usually on your VIN or door pillar
  • Click the 'Club Garage' tab
  • Click the 'Add your Honda'
  • Then just fill in the boxes by following the guidance notes below each one.
  • If entering a mileage figure, do NOT use commas - numbers only.
Remember to click 'Add your car' when you have finished. Alternatively, you can 'Save as Draft' and finish it later.
Please note: It may take a couple of hours or so before your vehicle appears in the Club Garage. This is normal and not a fault.

There is also a more detailed guide available on the following link:
How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage
Saturday 7th Mar, 2015
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