1.8 VTEC Sport
Needs Repair Owned by Rob S

  • Titan Silver cheapy. Needs a little love but a good solid base.
  1. Just enjoyed a lovely fast run back from the West this weekend. Amazed at how comfy a £600 car can be, whether on the motorway or B road, a great car
  2. i like your wheels was looking for them for my car couldn't find any:Frown:,shes looking well
    1. Rob S Avatar
      Thanks, I found some for £100 a corner !! If I keep the car I may be selling them so will drop you a line :Wink:
      Rob S, Sunday 16th Nov, 2014
  3. She's looking in well decent condition.

    Love those alloys.
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  4. Looking forward to your images when you get a chance.