1963 Honda E40
Generator Owned by HondaHeritage

  1. Seen this, it's fabulous, but two questions.
    Is it digital or analogue?
    Does it get Radio !?
  2. thank you micky
    it was a facinating project but quite frustrating due to very little documented information on how they worked and maintained
    i beleive the saying goes "a picture can speak a thousand words " but in this case i think the documented restoration i posted is needed to appreciate how small and intricate the design of this micro generator is
    so I've linked it here 1963 Honda E40 (Service & Maintenance - )
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      I never realised it was so small till oh got to the end. This was really a fantastic project and one I enjoyed following.
      Thanks for sharing it with everyone.
      MickyB, Saturday 16th Apr, 2016
  3. I feel an award coming up for this. A great restoration job.:GoodJob:
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