1979 Accord 4-door Sedan
Weekend Toy Owned by chrisgreencar

  • This Accord is all original (paint, interior, engine) and had less than 9,000 original miles from the original owner when I purchased it in 2009. 1979 is the first year for the Accord 4-door sedan, and the last year (in the U.S. at least) for the Hondamatic 2-speed semi-automatic transmission, with which this car is equipped.
  1. Great looking car,just something about these cars and this period in motor history that I love, just look at the interior color scheme ,fantastic something I think we will never see again as fashions change more toward being bland and stereotyped. :Grin:
  2. Fantastic, and in remarkable condition. :Thumbup:
  3. Lovely example. Many thumbs up.
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  4. Lovely :clap:

    I especially like the red velour interior and matching dashboard :Smile:
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  5. Ah wow ! First gen Accord in pristine condition !

    I love the colour inside and out :Smile::Thumbup:
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