1982 Honda Prelude
Daily Driver Owned by Lono Brady

  • 1982 Honda Prelude. Bought it almost brand new from the dealer that never sold it. (It had 110 miles on the odometer) I replaced the carb and brakes and now it runs great. It just needs some body work now to take care of the rust spots. What a fine little car!
  1. You're a lucky man. Very nice indeed. I'm a sucker for the older models. Don't let her go, ever!
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  2. It's so nice your very lucky what's your plan for it will you stay a classic honda owner on find a new home for it
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    1. Lono Brady Avatar
      Im planning to cherish the car for the rest of my life! haha
      Lono Brady, Wednesday 14th Jan, 2015
  3. Love seeing the classic's on here they are so disirable and I love the big H on the mat are you down as the first owner then it's hard to belive this car spent 32 years in a dealership and nobody wanted it.
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    1. Lono Brady Avatar
      She sure is a beauty. And legally i am the second owner of the car because I'm pretty sure that when the dealership closed down years back the owner of the place kept the car for himself under his name. But for all these years its been sitting in his personal warehouse. They also have a 1983 Prelude in a nice red color with dual carbs that has only 76 miles on it. I've been trying and begging the old man to get it for myself but he just doesn't want to let it go.
      Lono Brady, Thursday 25th Dec, 2014
  4. Love the car and the Ok sticker just so Japanese.
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  5. You are an incredibly lucky guy to find a Prelude like that. Enjoy her!
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  6. An amazing find and looking good.
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