1991 EE9 Honda Civic 1.6i VT
Previously Owned Owned by billyausten

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    100% stock with the exception of a set of EK4 VTI alloys.
  1. Cheers, I remember now I've only just been working out the models in the last two weeks so thanks for the heads up. I've just managed to get a 1991 Civic 1.4 gl manual... completely stock and unmodified. I don't know why but old hondas just manage to put a smile on my face.
    1. billyausten Avatar
      Nice find! Totally agree on old Hondas. This is why even when I've outgrown the car scene (mortgage and family now) I still ille to persevere with an old Honda of some description, hence my Aerodeck. Enjoy the Civic, great little cars.
      billyausten, Saturday 16th Sep, 2017
  2. Great looking car... is this the 130 bhp model?
    1. billyausten Avatar
      Thanks. No it is the VT, so had 150bhp. The 1.6i 16v D16 engined Civic had 130bhp.
      billyausten, Friday 15th Sep, 2017
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