1993 Honda Civic LSi
Garaged Owned by jimmy1973gb

  • I've owned this car since approximately 1998

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    16" Alloy wheels

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    Honda Serviced until I bought it in 1998 with 24k miles, I serviced it since. Only ever fitted an exhaust, timing belt, brake pads and tyres, thats it. Car gave no bother at all. I had it garaged up for years, brought it out for 3 months in 2008, it drove perfectly, put it back in garage where it still is today. I start it every now and again just to keep things right, it always starts first touch of key and engine is quiet.
  1. Lovely car, mines not as clean as this but I do enjoy it daily, your right to lock it up as these cars are disappearing fast, love to find a low mileage 100 percent car to preserve, still a few in Jersey locked up with elderly owners just got to keep on the lookout. The wheels suit it well filling in the gap between the tyre and the arche's ,best of luck with it.
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  2. Love these EG Civics. Wanted one as my first car in the mid 1990s, but couldn't stretch to buying one. Nice to see one being looked after and saved from the attentions of the "Fast and Furious" crowd...
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  3. That's looking superb !
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  4. Very good condition for the year, no rust on the body work. I will probably put it back on the road when it becomes a classic. Its sort of my back up car, I reckon it would pass an MOT with no work, so handy wee back up car.
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  5. Sweet looking car with over 20 years behind her.
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  6. I was scared to close the bonnet incase bonnet catch would seize, its sat off the road so long. WHen I checked bonnet catch was actually ok, I could've closed it for the photos.
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